$5 Savings Plan

5 savings plan

Do you know what the $5 Savings Plan is?The $5 Savings Plan is a savings plan that focuses on the $5 bill. Every time you get a $5 bill,  you put it aside in your savings.  Some people don't do every $5 bill. Instead, they save a $5 from their wallet everyday. The problem with this plan is it doesn't work for everyone. Some of the reasons this plan may not work is people do not use cash on a daily basis, people can't afford to give up the $5 bill in their wallet, or they do not have $5 to ...

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$5 Savings Plan and Contest

$5 savings plan

$5 Savings Plan Enter Below to win $5 Amazon Gift Card-Contest Over! Go Check out our NEW CONTEST HERE! The Traditional $5 Savings Plan focuses on saving $5 a day by taking a $5 bill every day from your wallet and putting it aside for savings. Some even put aside EVERY $5 bill that comes into their possession. This may work for some people but most of the people I talk to find that this doesn't work for them. For instance if you don't use cash very often you are not going to accrue much with ...

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