Motivation to Get Fit: Why Being Skinny Isn’t Good Enough

Motivation to Get Fit

Motivation to Get Fit Why Being Skinny Isn't Good Enough We all struggle at times or daily with our weight, self image, and possibly health. I thought everything my weight was fine. That was until I looked at a picture and realized I was  skinny. I mean how could one be too skinny in today's society? Well, I looked at my picture and realized that my lifestyle and healthy eating had taken off any weight I had. I only had two choices eat food that put on weight or go work out. I decided ...

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Working with a Personal Trainer


Working with a Personal Trainer Facing my fears: Working with a Personal Trainer/Coach Sitting down to write this week’s wellness post I am amazed at the differences I notice in my body is just a few short months. When I started this journey 115 days ago I had no idea how profound an impact the exercise would have not only on my physical health but my emotional health as well. I have discovered that my emotional self needs the daily exercise just as much as my physical body; Three weeks ...

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Losing Weight Tip

Losing Weight Tip

Wellness Wednesday Losing Weight Tip Losing Weight Tip: Finding Success through Support…. Seventy-nine days ago I began my journey toward better health and well-being. As of today I have lost 42 pounds and feel wonderful. Some have asked me what made this time different than the numerous times I’ve attempted this in the past. At times it seems all so simple, and others it’s so complicated that I can’t think straight. So what is it that has found its way into my life and helped me achieve ...

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Save Money on Exercise Equipment Buying Guide

Save Money on Exercise Equipment

Save Money on Exercise Equipment You can read so tips on how to save money on exercise equipment by using what you have at home. If you need something more we are going to list all the great places to find exercise equipment for the lowest prices. We just want to make sure you look and feel your best and we know nothing is worse than paying to much money for something. We put together a nice list to help you spend less. Save Money on Exercise Equipment 1) The first thing I would do is post ...

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Get Motivated With Music

Get motivated with music 1

Get Motivated With Music The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.     I will be honest and admit that I hate working out. Just the thought of going to the gym or exercise in any form bores me. Some people recommend walking on a treadmill but I would rather go to the dentist. Even walking outside gets boring after a few days because I have seen it all before. My mind constantly needs to be ...

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Ask a Marathon Mommy: Sweaty Bands Review

marathon mommy

Marathon Mommy - Sweaty Bands Review The Marathon Mommy and the Madame Deals girls getting ready to run a 5K at BlogHer13 Disclosure: Sweaty Bands provided the products for this review free-of-charge. They have not reviewed or approved this post and the opinions expressed here are 100% mine. I live in Florida, where it's hot 10 months out of the year. And even when it's not hot, it's humid - so sweat control is essential all year long! Have you ever been running or exercising and had ...

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Ask a Marathon Mommy: Choosing the Right Sports Bras

sports bras

 Choosing the Right Sports Bras If you follow us regularly on Facebook or Twitter, then you probably know by now that the Madame Deals gals are heading to Chicago for a blogging conference later this month. We will be very busy meeting with brands and other bloggers, attending classes and events, and seeing a bit of the city. We will be on our feet all day! Yet, somehow... I convinced the girls to run the BlogHer 5K Chicago Fun Run with me!!! As you can tell, I'm really excited! And while ...

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Ask a Marathon Mommy: Tips for Running in Hot Weather


Tips for Running in Hot Weather I’m a Florida girl, so I run in the heat pretty much year-round. But even for those of us who are accustomed to exercising in warmer temperatures, running in the summer heat requires some additional measures. Here are some tips for running in hot weather: 1. Pick the right time of day. Ideally, you should run early in the morning, before the sun rises. If you can’t run early, run as late in the evening as possible. And remember that whenever you run in ...

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Boston Strong

boston strong

Boston Strong Last Monday, like the rest of the country, I sat staring at my computer in horror, transfixed by the events unfolding before me in Boston. Explosions at the Boston Marathon. Who would do such a thing? Why the Boston Marathon? Why target the running community? My heart broke for the runners, the spectators, the friends and family members who'd come to celebrate this iconic day and watch their loved ones triumph across the finish line. One of my first thoughts was that just two ...

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Celebrity Weight Loss Program: Lose 5-10 Pounds in Just Two Weeks!

weight loss

Six Week Body Makeover and Weight Loss Program by iTRAIN Join celebrity fitness coach, Grace Lazenby, in her unique weight loss and body makeover program. iTRAIN offers a complete fitness program and diet regimen that will help you lose 5-10lbs in just 2 weeks! You will enjoy this fun and unique combination of cardio and sculpt ballet, mixed with fabulous music and videos to really get your heart pumping and your body moving! iTRAIN’s products are available to download immediately at a ...

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