Fashion Friday Goes To The Ssh-oes

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This Fashion Friday Post is all about what goes on your feet. Today I am all about my new heels from Ssh-oes. Several years ago I gave up heels for "sensible" aka "boring shoes. However, lately, I have been planning my outfits around a new pair of heels. These new heels were sent to me by Ssh-oes, to wear and see what they are all about. I feel in love after a few hours of wearing them and I know what I am asking Santa for this year. What is Ssh-oes? They are super comfortable heels that are … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Plus Size Fashion that is Fashionable

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Fashion Friday is Fashionable for this Plus Sized Gal with Kiyonna This is how I normally prefer pictures of me to be edited but honestly I would prefer to be on the other side of the camera. I have recently started celebrating Fashion Friday and really excited this Friday because Kiyonna sent me a great new top.  … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Vintage Look with Shabby Apple

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I am Celebrating Fashion Friday with this Vintage Inspired Dress from Shabby Apple Fashion Friday is something new to me lately. I have struggled my whole life with being overweight. In April, I underwent Gastric Surgery to help with my weightloss. I am down 70 pounds since I started my journey and have finally started to enjoy clothes shopping. Shabby Apple sent me a vintage dress called My Vow To You. This dress is listed as a bridesmaid dress but with a few accessories this dress has … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: The Wedding Edition

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The hunt for the dress I am beginning to think it is cheaper to be the bride than attend a wedding. I mean in the next couple of months we have 4 weddings and HOPEFULLY no Funerals. I am super excited to watch my friends and family tie the knot. I know that being married is a wonderful thing however; finding a dress to go to a wedding is a NIGHTMARE. I mean without knowing what the bride is wearing how do you know what to wear? Do you wear a short dress? How about a long one? Do you match your … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday

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The sales have started and here is something for you... Plato's Closet is having a fill your bag sale. What is that you ask.. You get to STUFF as many clearance items in a bag for just $15.00.. it gets better. If you snag a coupon you can pay just $10.00 a bag!! I mean a whole bag of clothes for $10.00. See you there this Saturday July 18th at 10:00 am- 6:00 pm More Information and a Coupon at Platos Closet Charlottesville. Since you saved so much on your clothes, here is the Vera Bradley … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday What's holding your girls?

The bra... It was a long time ago, unfortunately, that I walked in to the department store with my mom and quickly grabbed the bra with the little flowers on the strap. I wore that thing until it fell apart. One because I loved it and two because I was too shy to ask for another one. Fast forward twenty years and several boob changing events later; you know breast feeding, pregnancy, losing weight, gaining weight, and age. I find myself on the cusp of a braless revolution. I mean why bother? … [Read more...]

Calvin Klein's black dress

The little black dress for LESS, much LESS              There are two things I like designer clothes and cheap prices. I also like clothes that you can dress up or down. I believe there isn’t another piece of clothing as important as a black dress. I found this amazing number at Marshals on clearance. It is a Calvin Klein dress sold in most department store for well over $150.00. I picked  this dress because it is a classic wardrobe component.  This dress forms a wonderful silhouette. I can … [Read more...]