Family Involvement in the Saving Game

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One of the most common complaints I hear about couponing is...TIME!  "I do not have time to cut coupons." or "It takes too much time to shop with coupons." Yes, it does take time; there is no getting around that. However, who says it is just your job to cut, organize and use the coupons? Cutting your spending budget should be a family project. In fact, in order to be successful at couponing you are going to need support. Set a measurable and achievable goal as a family. If you have something to … [Read more...]

Making memories for under $10.00

Readers we would like to add a column to our line up. The column will be about activities that can be done for under $10. Do you have an idea? Contact us and let us know.(there   contact us button at the bottom of this post)  We will run articles from you. We developed this website to help everyone live "within the budget" but it was also created as a place where you could come and share your experiences and tips. We welcome you because you are part of the Madame Deals family and your views, … [Read more...]