You are Beautiful: Swimsuit Campaign


   Your Beautiful: Swimsuit Campaign Your Beautiful every inch, every curve, every bump, and every lump. They all make you who you are. I used to look at myself and see the flaws then I had a daughter. I realized if I pointed out my "flaws" she would begin to see hers. I would try to wrestle with my thighs and move them smooth them but nothing worked. They still had cellulite. I was busted one day massaging them and my husband asked me what I was  you doing? I told him trying to get rid of ...

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Ask a Teacher

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The Morning Routine It just dawned on me as I was buying my son's new backpack for kindergarten, because "Mom, Diego is so preschool", that school is almost here. I am excited for my son to begin his educational journey. I am not excited for the crazy twist that this will put in our morning routine. We have also decided that our son needs to take responsibility for his things. So, I suggest a visual schedule. I also suggest you make this with your child so they have ownership of their chart. ...

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