Home Schoolers Get your School Supplies

It is time to prepare for back to school. We found this great website that offers school supplies at some good prices. If you home school, this site is great. You can find everything from curriculum items to arts and crafts projects. There are items to encourage learning in babies and toddlers as well as the older child. You can also find free activities for kids on this site. Hit the easy resources tab and you will be able to find free ideas for arts and crafts and curriculum activities. FREE … [Read more...]

Library: A Great Resource for the Whole Family

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We talk a lot about our families and saving money. We also talk about educating ourselves and our children. The best place to do both of those things is the library. The library is the best place to save money. How? Well they have books, movies, video games, free internet, and community activities. How do I save money? Well, I use the library. I read books very quickly and I was spending hundreds of dollars on books. I now go online and reserve my books and I the library calls me when they are … [Read more...]

Ask The Teachers

A teacher is someone from who you can learn from. We met this amazing women Gina from the Proactive Black Parenting Blog Spot on one of our blog sites. I love her. I think you will as well. Here is an article she wrote on Gratitude Here are the ten ways to teach it Gratitude is a virtue that is taught. We come into this world utterly selfish beings.At first, we only give in ways that bring good things back to us We are naturally thankful for good and pleasant things. But we may not naturally … [Read more...]

Ask The Teachers

Teaching what is just enough… How do you raise children that aren’t greedy? I had a lovely conversation with a student at our coupon workshop and she disclosed to me that people used to take advantage of the free food given by the local churches. The churches had to come together to create a single place to distribute food to make sure everyone got their fair share. It got me thinking, were these adults raised to be greedy? Is this nature or nurture? I am not sure but I know what we do at our … [Read more...]

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Have you noticed anything new around here?   We have added a Share/Save button at the bottom of the posts. Just hit the Share/Save button and you can send the post to a friend or a social networking site. There are countless ways you can share a post: e-mail, digg, Facebook, Reddit, StumleUpon, Twitter, Delicious, to name a few. You can also add a particular post to your favorites. Give it a try! … [Read more...]