Simple Easter Recipes for Kids: Parfait

simple easter recipe for kids

Simple Easter Recipes for Kids: Parfait I have three kids and I try my best to cook recipes that they can make. They are still little so the shorter the project the better. This Simple Easter Recipes for Kids was created by my children. They told me what they wanted to make for dessert and well we made it. I feel like cooking should be self directed and finding recipes that allow for creativity is key. This allows your child to problem solve and apply logical thinking strategies. This recipe is … [Read more...]

Easter Bunny Water Bottle Craft

easter bunny

Easter Bunny Water Bottle Craft Easter is a fun time to create some awesome recipes, crafts and decors, but don't forget that it is also a great time to for us to surprise friends and especially kids with a fun gift. Using simple materials, we can create a lovely Easter bunny gift out of water bottle. Materials: Clean and empty water bottle White and pink paper A pair of googly eyes Black button Black marker Alphabet scrapbook stickers Pink ribbon Glitters or … [Read more...]

Easter Centerpiece: Spring Nest $4 Easter Table Decor

Easter Centerpiece

Easter Centerpiece My table was in much need of some cute, simple Easter Decor, but my wallet told me it also needed to be inexpensive. So, I headed to the dollar store! I was able to put together a cute Easter centerpiece, a spring nest with 4 simple items, a little hot glue and a couple of things I had on hand at home. Here is what you need: 1 foam wreath 1 package of spanish moss 1 clip-on bird 1 box of mini Robin Eggs Whoppers 1 piece of cardboard Glue gun and … [Read more...]

$5 Easter Centerpiece: Jellybeans Candle Decor

Easter Centerpiece

Easter Centerpiece It can be challenging to decorate you home for the holidays when trying to be frugal. Decor can be an added expense that just is not in many people's budgets. However, I have found that Target and the Dollar Tree provide many ways to decorate creatively for $1 an item. While it adds up, it is certainly easy to give your home some holiday spirit without spending too much. … [Read more...]

Easter Straw Hat Decoration

straw hat decoration

Say Hello to Spring with this Adorable Easter Bunny Straw Hat Decoration! Everyone will be all smiles when they see your door decorated with this Cute Straw Hat Decoration for St. Patrick's Day. The best part is all items can be purchased at the dollar store and assembled in less than 15 minutes. It is so much better than window clings also because it is simple to store and reuse for next year. Easter Bunny Straw Hat Decoration   Straw Hat Decoration Supplies List: 9 inch straw … [Read more...]