Credit Card Debit Solutions

I used other people's money to pay off my debt. I grabbed a credit card like this Discover with 15 months of free 0% APR. The reason is simple if you go to a service like Credit Sesame and figure out what you actually owe. It will give you all your debts in one place and it FREE., You can click the link to get Your Free Credit Score now at Credit Sesame! No Credit Card Required. Credit Sesame is a 100% free personal finance credit and debt management tool with no credit card required or … [Read more...]

Free Money

Let's go shopping!

Okay, I like free money. I found a way to get more for my money without using a COUPON. I know fall over but I have a method to my madness. I use gift cards. I buy them from Plastic jungle. I save from 5%-20% off. I call that free money. This week I bought $100 worth of cards at JcPenny and I save $25. I also bought $100 to Build a Bear gift card for my son's birthday party and I saved $12. I also saved money using my Discover Card I bought everything on it this money and I got paid cash back … [Read more...]

FREE 0% APR Loan for 6 months!!! Here’s how!!! Frugal Tip of the Day!!

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Right now Discover Card will allow a 0% APR for a full 6 months!!! Here's my frugal tip of the day:  Take advantage of the 0% APR offers but never go over the 6 month limit!  It's not worth it! I've been eye balling the new iPhone 4S with Siri!  I plan to use my credit to take advantage of purchasing this item a bit sooner than my pocket book will allow!  However, I have plans to pay it off in 4 months!  PERFECT! If you need a FREE 6 month loan, here ya go! Enjoy!   … [Read more...]