Ride Along the Dinosaur Train Book Review!

Dinosaur Train

Have you seen the PBS Kids show Dinosaur Train? My little girl LOVES Dinosaur Train, and I love letting her watch it! PBS Kids does a wonderful job at entertaining kids, and educating them at the same time! Dinosaur Train is a great kids show starring Buddy, who is a fun loving T-Rex who was adopted by the  Pteranodon family. Buddy and his family like to take a ride on the Dinosaur Train to meet, explore, and have adventures with all kinds of dinosaurs. The Dinosaur Train has the ability … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Train Halloween Costume Review

Dinosaur Train Halloween Costume and Book Review

We recently got a Tiny Dinosaur Costume to review. The Tiny costume is made of high quality fabric that is really soft and comfortable for your child. The design makes it is simple for your child to put on and it zips in the front. The head and foot pieces are separate from the body costume, which is super easy to put on compared to costumes that are 1 piece - and allows to fit for longer because it isn't dictated by height. Reviewed by Devon for Madamedeals Halloween is right … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Train Book is SUPER

We were given the opportunity to review this book. I always enjoy receiving FREE books. In fact reading is such a part of our lives that going to the book store is almost as exciting as going to Toys R US.  We really enjoy reading books from our favorite TV shows. I would say that my children enjoy the special time we spend reading each night. The Spooky Scavenger Hunt according to my oldest"  it was really good." My daughter said " it is was funny and can we read it again. NOW!" The baby … [Read more...]