Strawberry Detox Water

detox water

Strawberry Detox WaterWe all know that drinking lots of water daily is good for our health, some even suggested to increase water intake to lose weight. But did you know that by adding few ingredients, you can boost water's benefits for your body? Have a healthier digestive system by flushing out toxins from your body, and you can do this by making it a habit to take detox water daily.This Strawberry Detox Water recipe is super easy to make and one of my favorites because the sweet ...

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Detox Water Recipe


Detox Water RecipeI became obsessed with drinking water. I noticed after doing so my skin looked amazing. I had more energy. I also lost a little weight. The best benefit was I was hydrated. I really loved the taste of this water. I figured it would be nice to share it.Detox Water Recipe   Ingredients:Two LemonsTwo Cucumbers mini one or one normal size onesOne OrangeSome mint to tasteYou will need to cut the fruit and then place them in the water. I stir the ...

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