Saving on Dental Bills

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Saving on Dental Bills Save on Dental Bills I am not sure if you have this problem or not but I have dental insurance and it never covers everything I get done. I have recently started calling around to see how close what a dentist charges matches what my insurance plan pays. I have some work that needs to get done so I have called to receive quotes on the work. I have found the difference in what I would owe over my co-pay to be as much as $100. If you do your research you will save on ...

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Ask a Dental Hygienist: Fluoride

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One of our readers had a question about the School Fluoride Rinse program available here in Virginia. As many kids are getting back to school, you might find that your child's school may offer similar programs. I thought I would answer a few questions about fluoride as it can cause confusion. The school fluoride program is done once a week in the "swish and spit" format. It is a topical flavored fluoride rinse like the over the counter mouthwash ACT. Fluoride has been key in the great ...

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