Easy Gluten Free Cake Mix Cupcakes

Gluten Free Cake Mix Cupcakes

Are you looking for a Gluten-Free treat? You know one that is easy to make, tastes exceptional, and is budget friendly and belly approved? I have been searching for one because we are Pillsbury™ people and their brownies, cakes, and cookies fill my cabinet. I stopped making them as often as I used to because my husband couldn't eat them with us because he is gluten free. I felt awful eating a slice of cake when he didn't have anything to eat. I just can't find any good gluten free cake mixes for ...

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Dr Seuss Cupcakes

Dr. Seuss Cupcake

Dr Seuss Cupcakes Cupcake Recipe for KidsI love Dr. Suess cupcakes. I am working on ways to be the it mom. You know the one that sends in the fancy pinterest worthy treats to school. The problem is I am not able to do those things. I have to much to do. I figured out a way to participate by cutting corners but not cutting out the fun. These are Cupcake Recipe for Kids, all are super simple "recipes" that anyone can make. They are cupcakes for the Reading Across America party and they are ...

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Easy Reindeer Cupcakes Recipe

rootbeer reindeer cupcakes

Disclaimer: “This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AMP AGENCY. The opinions and text are mine alone.”If you’re like me, Cyber Monday and free shipping help me keep my sanity during the holiday hustle at retail shops. The thought of battling the masses is mind numbing, especially when you can stay at home, have items shipped to your door and still save money! Saving and sanity, sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I recently learned that if I’d have kept that humbug ...

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

red velvet cupcakes with apple cider cream cheese frosting

Red Velvet Cupcakes Do you love cupcakes? Store bought cupcakes are yummy but nothing beats the awesome goodness of homemade moist cupcakes. We have a great red velvet cupcakes recipe for you with special ingredients that add that little extra touch to make these the best homemade red velvet cupcakes ever.I have found that red velvet cupcakes are one of those things that people either love or hate. I have never met a cupcake I didn't like and these are no different. The dark red color ...

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Weight Watchers Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe

weight watchers cupcake

Weight Watchers Funfetti Cupcakes RecipeI'm not normally a huge sweets person, but when I get a craving for something sweet I have to have it like, right away or the craving will get worse, and I'll end up eating an entire box on donuts, and we all know how bad that is for you. Cupcakes are one of my favorite ways to cure a sweet tooth. They are easy to make, proportioned, and something the entire family can agree on. ...

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Hot Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes Recipe

Hot chocolate peppermint  cupcakes

Hot Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes RecipeWe are under 10 days until Christmas ya'll! This week my goal is to plan my Christmas menu and prep my shopping list. Every year I let my daughter pick one items she wants me to make for Christmas day and this year we searched through pintererst together and she decided she just had to have some Hot Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes because who doesn't love cupcakes? Exactly. This recipe is full of great holiday flavors and admit it, they are super ...

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Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Halloween Cupcake IdeasTrick or treat? I really hope you said treat, because you are going to love the sweet treats I found for you! These 7 haunting Halloween cupcake ideas that are fun and adorable. I don’t know how you are going to choose just one, but no matter which recipe you go with they will be spooktacular! 7 Halloween Cupcake IdeasHalloween Cupcakes With Whipped Cream Vanilla FrostingPumpkin Cheesecake Ghostie CupcakesMini Triple Treat ...

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Skinny Italian Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes


Skinny Italian Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes This weekend my family is celebrating my Dad's Birthday! His...30th....Birthday...yeah..Ha! Every year he requests an Italian Cream Cake as his birthday treat, and every year we scour the stores to find one. (They are actually pretty hard to find around here!). But truth be told we shouldn't be getting him this indulgent cake every year. Why? Well, he is diabetic. Now you see the problem right? I didn't want to deprive my dad of his ...

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Kid Cupcake Recipes – Chocolate Cookie Butter Cupcakes

kid cupcake recipes 21

Kid Cupcake Recipes - Chocolate Cookie Butter CupcakesOur Family is very fond of Cookie Butter and we love discovering new ways to incorporate it into our desserts. Any excuse to hop in the car and head to Trader Joe's to stock up is reason enough. This week we decided that we were going to try our hand at this Kid Cupcake Recipes Chocolate Cookie Butter Cupcakes. Now I was pressed on time this week so I used a boxed cake mix and doctored it up and it turned out fabulous. I did make the ...

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German Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe


German Chocolate Cupcake Recipe Yesterday was my awesome Moms Birthday, and she requested her all time favorite cake, German Chocolate!So I thought, why go spend the money on having one made, when I know I can make a better one myself! So I decided to make this German Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe! It's perfectly sweet, and perfectly easy to make! In my opinion, this homemade German Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe tastes better than any store bought cake I've ever had!  ...

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