Got 3 Pennies?

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In all fairness my total was over $20.00 I used $20.00 in extra care bucks. Then I had to pay 3¢. On the end of my receipt is $14.00 in extra care bucks. I actually spent $6.03 but the paper towels were $4.99 of the cost and then tax. I saved $115.11 today. So.. why have you not signed up for our workshop did you make $115.11 in under 30 minutes?? … [Read more...]

Where are the Coupons?

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Today I would like to spend some time telling you where you can get coupons. After all, coupons are like money! Did you know that coupons are not just available in the Sunday Paper? They are found in a multitude of places.In Stores: When you are walking down the store isles, keep an eye out for coupons. Many stores have little machines that produce coupons called "blinkies". I do NOT recommend emptying the machine. However, taking a couple for future use is acceptable. Stores also have tear pads … [Read more...]

Some Papers are Better Than Others, When it comes to COUPON INSERTS

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I just got my Sunday Papers and I wanted to update you all on the coupon inserts. If you only get the Daily Progress, I am afraid you will be greatly disappointed as the inserts do not have many great coupons. However, the Richmond Times Dispatch has some great coupons and many more coupons than the Daily Progress. I would recommend picking up a Richmond Times Dispatch if you are out today. Not a local? If you have more than one paper in your area, the coupon inserts can vary from paper to … [Read more...]

TIPS Tuesday How to get the family in on the GAME

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OH No, the Paper is here and it is time to clip the coupons... How do I find the time to get my coupons clipped and organized? Well, I rally my family everyone can do something.Mat my, amazing husband, or myself often cut the coupons. Matthew who is four and a half sorts the coupons by food groups. We then place the coupons in their sections (since I have binder I can hand each person certain labeled sheets.) It didn't take long for my husband to get on board with the cutting coupon thing. He … [Read more...]

California Dreaming & Florida Too!

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Kmart is having SUPER DOUBLES Up to $2.00!Starting Sunday, May 3rd at select locationsThis deal is for our friends and family in other states since our Virginia Kmarts are not participating. I am a little jealous although I already have my hands and cupboards full with Harris Teeter Triples!I have checked the online circulars and the Central Coast of California stores are participating and some stores in Florida. Check your circular HERE.Kmart has had a HUGE misprint in their circular coming out … [Read more...]

Can you Coupon?

Couponing.... It is NOT about changing what you BUY it is how you spend.Coming this May, you are invited to a couponing workshop in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. For more information; e-mail us at [email protected] . Learn how to save at least 50% off your grocery bill and how to effectively organize coupons. … [Read more...]