Walgreens $5/$25 coupon

There is a new $5/$25 coupon available for Walgreens from 8/26 to 8/29! If you have not done your Walgreens shopping this week, now is the time to go! The $25 minimum purchase requirement is before AFTER coupons. Make sure to give your $5/$25 coupon first, then you manufactures coupons and finally any Register Rewards you may have. Sorry for the confusion. This weeks coupon reads that the $25 purchase must be after any coupons and Register Rewards. Not such a hot deal unless you really need … [Read more...]

This weeks Grocery Trip

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Food Lion- Why coupon to get what you already buy for LESS. Total before Coupons or MVP deals $146.48 Total after MVP deals $111.07 Total after coupons $78.63 What did I get? Formula $17.99- $5 manf coupon- $3.00 Food Lion coupon $9.99 or $.35 per oz Turkey $9.59 Shrimp BOGO $7.99 Sausage $1.78 Coupon match ups Hunts ketchup $1.00- $.20 coupon $.80 Cheeze-it $2.00 -$.75 coupon $1.25 I have an ice cream problem!!! I got 4 jars of ice cream toppings for $2.19 each= $8.76. I had a coupon to get … [Read more...]

Office Depot: WorkLife Rewards Program

  I went to Office Depot for some items today and signed up for their rewards program; WorkLife Rewards. It is no charge to sign-up. You will get 10% back on ink and paper purchases and 1% back on other purchases. The great part is, I just checked my e-mail and they sent me a $10/$50 purchase coupon! I also received a $10/$40 coupon at the end of my receipt today. If you need printer ink or you purchase a lot of office or school supplies, I suggest you run into Office Depot and take advantage … [Read more...]

Smithfield $3.00 Bacon Coupon

There is a great $3.00 printable coupon for Smithfield Bacon right now! GO to THE SIGN UP area at the top of the page. This coupon was reported to be out a couple of days ago, but then the site went under maintenance. The great news is that it is back tonight and I just printed mine! You do have to become a member of Smithfield. Once you put in your information, you will be redirected to print your coupon. Don't forget to hit your browsers back button, refresh and print for a second time! This … [Read more...]

Food Lion Trip

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Okay, so I got my coupons ready headed to my mom's only swim party and then I thought why not go to the store without the kids before I go home.  I have $61.26 left to spend this week and I went into Food Lion and they had a great sale on meat so I stockpiled for next week. I got a London Broil for $4.24 (which I could make two meals out of), Chicken breast for $2.24, and enough ribs for $.99LB to make two meals. These are super in the crock pot add 1/2 cup of water and you favorite BBQ sauce … [Read more...]

Newspaper Boxes

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Just a heads up on buying papers from newspaper boxes. I went to buy a Richmond Times Dispatch today for the coupons. CVS was out of them this morning; apparently they only got three in today. So, on my way home I stopped by a newspaper box to get my paper. I could see through the paper box window that there were a few papers left. I put my quarters in and to my disappointment, all the coupons had been stolen. From past experiences with this, I always check for the coupons before I close the … [Read more...]

Rite Aid Rock Bottom Deals 8/16-8/22

Rite Aid has a Single Check Rebate (SCR) program. To find out more about how to do SCRs, go HERE. Make sure you take either the $5/25 coupon or the $5/$20 couponwith you. The $5/$20 coupon is only available after you watch enough videos. Remember watching the Video Values will net you some good product coupons too! SCR Deals Renuzit Crystal Elements $4.99, get $3 SCR -$2.00 coupon from 7/19 SS, makes it FREE ArtSkills Poster & Craft Paint 4 oz 4/$5, get $4 SCR wyb (4) products makes it .25¢ … [Read more...]

Wanchai Ferry $3.50 Coupon

Wanchai Ferry has released a new printable coupon for $3.50 off (IE or FF)! This is a high value coupon and will be gone quickly! Right now Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entree's are on sale at Harris Teeter for $5.99, this coupon will make it $2.49. And the Wanchai Ferry is part of the Buy 15, get $5 off deal! Thanks Common Sense With Money! … [Read more...]