Real People saving REAL MONEY

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  "Hi!  Thank you for the workshop last night.  I feel like an empowered shopper now.  I went to CVS today and signed up for the card.  I then bought razors that cost 9.99 on sale for 7.99 with my card, then I used a $4 coupon from last night, making it cost 3.99.  Then I got $4 in Extra Care Bucks back!  I walked out of the store just amazed that they had basically given me razors."  Thank you, Becca Our class is not just about how to get free items it is about how to become financially … [Read more...]

Real People saving REAL Money!!

One of our "customers" from our workshop last night posted this on her facebook: "$190 savings at Harris Teeter today. Thank you!" ( a little prospective on $190.00 when I taught school that would be equal to two days of pay after taxes. I mean two days of work with 28 children from 9:00-2:30. So is it worth the effort to coupon?) We hope that we can help all of you save money! Look for our next workshop coming soon! We will announce the date and time next week. We will also be … [Read more...]

Real People Saving REAL Money

"Hey ladies, Just thought I'd let you know that I put your training to work today.  I saved $50 at Harris Teeter!  I was so proud of myself and shocked.  I'm not fully ready yet (I have some more registering to do) but I thought that was really really good for a first time.  That paid for the ice cream maker I got today.  And our fridge/freezer is PACKED.  I can see that it's going to take a lot more organization to do this successfully.  But really, everythings online.  I checked the fliers … [Read more...]

Real People saving REAL Money

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  Just last evening Heather attend our workshop so how did she do on her first trip out? "Amee and Renae, I just wanted to share the deals I got today.  I would have had much better "stats" had I been able to purchase the free Wacky Mac.  Not to mention that I got some produce that I needed for this weekend that wasn't on sale.  So add in $1.79 of bananas, $3.49 for organic broccoli and $1.99 for organic baby carrots.  Without that stuff, I would have had a much better savings ratio, but … [Read more...]