New Coupon Workshop Date

We have a new coupon workshop date scheduled! Here is what two of our former students have said this week on Facebook: Donnie- just got back from quick food/grocery shopping using skills learned at Madame Deals ( spent $50 this week and am done with all my shopping!!!! I can't believe it! I am actually saving I've got to hunt down those bills that are just calling out to get paid :=( Jodie- You owe it to yourself and your budget to attend … [Read more...]

Success= Organization

Have you seen our system? CLICK HERE The reason why I save so much money at the store is simple. I have a system! I am no different from you. I was not raised using coupons. I have to admit up until 3 months ago I never used coupons. Renae and I figured out a system that is easy and it works. It is not rocket science. The binder is easy to use and that is why I use it. I do not have time to waste nor do I want to miss out on a good deal. I am able to buy what I need and get the best price … [Read more...]