Easy Holiday Cake Cookie Bars Recipe

holiday cake cookie bars

Easy Holiday Cake Cookie Bars Recipe Holiday baking is my favorite type of baking. I love all the fun colors and flavors of the holidays. And chances are, I get to share whatever I'm baking! Every year my neighborhood does a cookie exchange, and it's something we all participate in. This year I wanted to do something a little different and make some Easy Holiday Cake Cookie Bars! They are moist like a cake, and taste like a cookie. The best part is that they are super easy to make and look ...

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Cake Mix Cookie Recipe

Delicious Cake Mix Cookie Cake recipe.

Cake Mix Cookie Recipe   I am forever trying to find different cake mix cookie recipe and the easier they are the better, that is if it takes good. I found a winner here. You can not get any easier than this! Just 4 ingredients and they taste amazing! I love going to the mall and getting a piece of cookie cake... and if my husband isn't with me I ask for extra icing!! Hey, don't judge, I'm 8 months pregnant. I have tried making cookie cakes at home but I usually get the outside over ...

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Chocolate Mint Cookies Recipe

chocolate mint cookies

Chocolate Mint Cookies The day has come to an end and we need a sweet treat. I had visions of those thin mint cookies. The problem is I didn't have the stuff to make them. I decided I could just go ahead and make a cookie that has the chocolate mint taste. These are my chocolate mint cookies. I realized that cookies without a lot of ingredients are helpful because who wants to spend a lot of time getting out all the ingredients. I am sure you are like me you have a craving and you want ...

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Low Calorie Funfetti Cookies – Easy Cookie Recipes for Kids


Easy Cookie Recipes for Kids A lot of people think that if you are on a diet, or just eating healthy in general, the things like cookies are a no-no. I'll admit so did I until I found this awesome recipe for Low Calorie Funfetti Cookies! Who doesn't love Funfetti cake!? With a few simple swaps, and about 15 minuets you can have yummy, fluffy Low Calorie Cookies, and not ruin your whole diet! At only 78 calories a cookie, this is going to become a favorite dessert at this house, and maybe at ...

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