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ON May 9th.. Please, place can goods, boxed goods, and bagged items out for your post office professional to collect. The food will go to a local food bank. I am able to give away several bags because I took advantage of all the free food I scored using coupons. It is nice to be able to give to the community.. for free.. well I had to pay the tax.Just think if everyone gave just one item what an impact we could all have! ...

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Community Service Project

Every month, Madame Deals will have some sort of community service project. This month we have chosen to collect expired coupons. Why expired coupons?It turns out that overseas military families can use expired coupons! Why should those coupons go in the trash when we can send them to people who could really use them? The overseas commissaries will allow military families to use expired manufactures coupons for six months past the printed expiration date. Only manufactures coupons can be ...

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