Supporting the Community: Cash Mob

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Our area was recently hit by a severe storm which resulted in widespread power outages to thousands. Among those affected were local businesses. These businesses lost everything which needed to be refrigerated or frozen. Additionally, they lost revenue by virtue of not being able to open their doors until power was restored.  One business is [...]

Community Calendar

Is our calendar missing your event? Dear Friends, Madame Deals believes a strong sense of community enables everyone. We would like to give those of you who live in our area a chance to announce local events on our site. The events have to be family friendly.   To submit your event, place “Community Calendar” [...]

Expired coupons? Do something GOOD with them

Coupons for Overseas Troops In honor of our troops, we have started a community service project that will support our overseas troops. It turns out that overseas military families can use expired manufactures coupons for up to six months after the expiration date at the commissaries. So, instead of throwing away those unwanted and expired [...]

Thanks for the coupons

We just MAILED out over 10 LBS of COUPONS!! Friends, We want to thank all of you who have dropped off coupons at our drop locations. We even had our new friend Hannah send us coupons from Kentucky. We still have more coupons to pick up from our drop off locations but we will ASAP. [...]

Financial Freedom for FREE

Dear Friends, We have been asked to speak at a financial freedom seminar. This is not a COUPON WORKSHOP it is however, a time to learn some tips on organization and the basics of saving money. Our coupon system will be available for purchase if you would like.  We look forward to teaching you and [...]

Coupons for Overseas Troops

We mailed the first packages containing unwanted and expired coupons to the Navy Base in Sicily. It took two 81/2×11 envelopes to hold all of the coupons and the envelopes weighed 3.5 pounds! That is a lot of coupons! Thank you for all of you who dropped off coupons at Mail Boxes Express and Child Connections. There [...]