Customer Service is Your Friend

None of us really wants to contact a store's customer service department when we have a problem. It takes time and energy we really don't have these days.  However, there are times when a call to customer service is unavoidable. Over the past two weeks, I have contacted customer service at Food Lion twice because catalina coupons (those checkout coupons the cashier hands you with your receipt) which were supposed to print with my order did not. It wasn't a computer glitch. They didn't print … [Read more...]

Couponing for the Extremely Normal: When a Deal Doesn't Work

Welcome to Couponing for the Extremely Normal!  Even though you carefully plan your deals, they may not always work out.  Never fear ... here a few tips for ensuring you receive the savings you planned for. 1.  Know what you should be saving before you get to the register. 2.  Watch the register as the cashier rings up items and coupons.  The store computer is not always right.  There are times when sale items don't ring up properly.  Have the sale flyer with you so you can show the cashier … [Read more...]

Turkey Lasagna

Enchilada Suiza Mexican Lasagna I love casseroles for around the Holidays because you can make them in advance. They are easy and hearty. They allow you to spend time with your guest since they are easy to cook and they do not require a lot of attention. What are some casseroles that you make? 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) 2 pounds ground chicken or turkey breast 1 tablespoon ground cumin 1 tablespoon ground coriander Salt and pepper One can hominy (15 ounces), … [Read more...]

Catalina Coupons: Can They be Used at Competitor's Stores?

Often we talk about Catalina coupons. Catalinas are coupons that print out at the register at many grocery stores and Walgreens. They are put out by Catalina Marketing. Basically, it is a marketing tool for companies. Catalinas have nothing to do with the store where they are printed. It is the product manufacturers who strike a deal with Catalina Marketing. Catalinas can be for money off your next total purchase, for a free product or for money off a specific item. The Walgreens catalinas are … [Read more...]

How to Solve Catalina Printing Problems

One of our readers, Adrienne, had an issue with the Old El Paso catalina deal at Harris Teeter this week. When she bought the qualifying items, the catalina for the money off her next order did not print. Adrienne sent us this e-mail identifying the steps she took to get her catalina! Just wanted to let you know how it went.  I called 1-888-8coupon to get the Catalina customer service, and pressed #3 for the consumer option.  I explained my problem about how the catalina for the products didn't … [Read more...]

Rachel Ray, What's for Dinner!

Hi, So I am still cooking away trying to make the most out of what I spend. I love good food that I can make quickly and I love Rachel Ray recipes. They are so easy even I can follow them. That is saying a lot since I have two children who are angels until it is time for me to cook. If you are not able to follow written instructions click on the video link and watch as Rachel gives you a private lesson for the Ham and Mac. Here what's cooking in my Kitchen next week! Freezer-To-Oven Mac and … [Read more...]