Renae's Weekly Spending

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I am a bit behind on reporting my weekly spending, sorry! Last week: I spent $25.14 and $22.03 at Harris Teeter, $30 for a box of food from Angel Food Network $23.20 at EW Thomas and $23.36 at Kroger. Total, I spent $123.73. Yes, $23.73 over budget. I am okay with that though. I wanted to try the Angel Food box and I will be giving a review shortly. The grocery shopping trip to EW Thomas was a last minute decision. EW Thomas is a little country store about 3 miles from my house. We decided to … [Read more...]

Rachel Ray: What's for dinner…

So I am still learning to cook. I think I will always be a student in the kitchen luckily I am a teacher outside of the kitchen. I have a new love the farmer's market. I never got my act together before and ventured down the road to attend. The one near us is open from 2-6 on Tuesday which is nap time. I now know it is worth the balancing act of grabbing the kids right after nap and getting dinner starting  in oder to; run over there and get my produce. It is cheaper than the grocery store and … [Read more...]

Tuesday's Tip: Ebay's got coupons!!!

Look for the coupons!!!   I am a huge Ebay shopper. I know what I like and I know what I am willing to pay. What I did not know was Ebay has coupons. Yes, Coupons. Look at the top of your screen towards the left hand side. This is what I found today You Have coupons Available I clicked and lo and behold I could get 8% off my electronic purchases. I mean that is $8.00. I may not use this coupon because I do not need anything but I could save $8.00 off a $100.00 purchase. The secret to living … [Read more...]

Rachel Ray: What's for Dinner

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Yummy, Yummy... Mini Cannelloni Bake.. in our TUMMY Well, as you know, each week I try to break from my normal menu routine an attack the kitchen Rachel Ray Style. You all know what I mean an edible meal in 30 minutes or less. The plight I have set out on to stay within the budget should not affect the quality of our meals so I search for what is on sale and then I cook something YUMMY!! Mini Cannelloni Bake 1 pound ziti with no lines or ditalini 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Round Two

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I made it to Harris Teeter for a second trip. This time I bought some produce and meat that we needed for the week. Interestingly, I didn't even use all of my 20 coupons I was allowed! That is right, I left some amazing deals at the store! I didn't really need those free items and my freezer and fridge are at capacity. I have stockpiled for awhile now and with so many great deals out there, I just don't need all of it. Some Highlights: (2) Velveeta Cups $2.50, used $1.00/2 coupon, paid .50¢, got … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: The Wedding Edition

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The hunt for the dress I am beginning to think it is cheaper to be the bride than attend a wedding. I mean in the next couple of months we have 4 weddings and HOPEFULLY no Funerals. I am super excited to watch my friends and family tie the knot. I know that being married is a wonderful thing however; finding a dress to go to a wedding is a NIGHTMARE. I mean without knowing what the bride is wearing how do you know what to wear? Do you wear a short dress? How about a long one? Do you match your … [Read more...]

This weeks Grocery Trip

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Food Lion- Why coupon to get what you already buy for LESS. Total before Coupons or MVP deals $146.48 Total after MVP deals $111.07 Total after coupons $78.63 What did I get? Formula $17.99- $5 manf coupon- $3.00 Food Lion coupon $9.99 or $.35 per oz Turkey $9.59 Shrimp BOGO $7.99 Sausage $1.78 Coupon match ups Hunts ketchup $1.00- $.20 coupon $.80 Cheeze-it $2.00 -$.75 coupon $1.25 I have an ice cream problem!!! I got 4 jars of ice cream toppings for $2.19 each= $8.76. I had a coupon to get … [Read more...]

Food Lion Trip

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Okay, so I got my coupons ready headed to my mom's only swim party and then I thought why not go to the store without the kids before I go home.  I have $61.26 left to spend this week and I went into Food Lion and they had a great sale on meat so I stockpiled for next week. I got a London Broil for $4.24 (which I could make two meals out of), Chicken breast for $2.24, and enough ribs for $.99LB to make two meals. These are super in the crock pot add 1/2 cup of water and you favorite BBQ sauce … [Read more...]

What's for dinner Rachel Ray

Gazpacho Pasta Okay so throw out your sales flyers this week (you do not need them anyway since we tell you what to buy on our site and save 50% or more) Why, you ask? Well most of you have these ingredients growing in your garden if not find a farmer's market. Renae is the gardener in this partnership and I know she has a lot of these wonderful veggies growing so I am happy to pair this recipe with her garden's bounty. Here is Rachel Cooking it for you 2 pints grape tomatoes 2 medium … [Read more...]