Make Money Blogging

Learn how to make money by blogging

Do you want to make money but at the same time stay at home? The answer is to make money blogging. I'm sharing with you my story on how I started blogging, how much I earn and how I did it. Make Money Blogging Dear Friends- I thought today I would share a secret when I started blogging. I made nothing. Well, I made $150 a month. I was working full-time, and I was a full-time mom to two children, and then there were three. I was trying to work a job from home, be a full-time mom, and ...

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The $1,000 Job I Declined


The $1,000 Job I Declined I think my husband had a heart attack when I declined a $1,000 job. You know a $1,000 is a lot of money. It is what some people make in a month. It is a lot to me as well. The question is why did I decline that much money? How do I determine when to say "Yes" to a job and when to say "No"? What happened as a result of me declining the job? How did I decline the job to make sure my relationship with the brand was still in good standing? ...

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Why I Really Love Blogging

why i love blogging

Thought Provoking Thursday  People are always asking how I get to do the things I do, meet the people I meet and review the products I receive. When they learn that I write and blog, they naturally think that must be why I Really Love Blogging. The thing is as much as I love visiting new places and getting really cool products to review, that is not why I really love blogging. Blogging is more than the free stuff and interesting people I get to meet. It is hard to explain to people but after ...

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Blogging Tip: 10 Things Bloggers Should Consider

online business tips

Real Advice Gal Small Business owner tips Blogging Tip - 10 Things Bloggers Should Consider 1) You need a great laptop or desktop. You will be on your computer all the time. I use a Mac for everyday and my Chrome book when I travel. 2) You need a fast internet speed 3) You obviously need a domain name. My blogging tip is for you to buy it through Go Daddy. 4) You will need hosting iPage <--------- CLICK THERE TO GET YOURS iPage is cheap and the service is awesome. You ...

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Ask a Blogger: Places to submit your content


Ask a Blogger: Places to submit your content   As a blogger, we all want to be heard, and our content to be seen by as many people as possible right!? Well sometimes we need to reach out to places beyond our little corner of the internet to get exposure to brand new people that might not have seen our awesome work otherwise. I began searching for great places to submit your content , to send my recipe, craft, and tutorial posts and found that there are tons of resources out there! ...

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Adding Users to Google Analytics

Adding a User in Google Analytics I have a team I admit that it takes more than myself to run my business. I am a business owner and as such it is important to know if what you are doing is effective. The best way to measure effectiveness on a blog is to look at your stats in google analytics. The things I track are: Traffic sources Clicks on content What posts were effective the same time last year and more I think of Google Analytics   as a road map to guide me to my final ...

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ASK A Blogger: Your Button

    I think a blog button is very important. I think knowing where your blog button is equally important. What I do not understand is people rushing to sites to buy stock images. If this is your brand and your image for your site then it should be unique to you. I have seen the same buttons over and over again on other people's sites. I am not sure what their sites name is only that I have seen that image somewhere before. It is in fact very distracting. The button on this post ...

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Website 101 How to start a Blog:

How to Start a Blog   Wow! Starting a new website is a BIG deal. I forget because it is has been so long since this one was started. I had to sit down and ask myself, "how to start a blog" I had to start with my own tips in How to start a blog: blogging tips. Then I had to get to work. The first thing I did when coming up with the site was researching urls. I then found a designer to represent our vision. I hired Seright Designs owned by Coralie. Then the fun really begins. You ...

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ASK A Blogger: Pinterest

pinterest tutorial

Pinterest What is Pinterest and should I be using it. The answer is it is a virtual pin board. The answer to should you be using it is yes. The problem is how do you use it quickly on your site. The resolution is this link to Pinterest. The combination of the plug in and this video will allow you to easily share your photos with others. It is true that some of us are visual learners. We all require inspiration and Pinterest has the ability to gather your visual inspirations for you. I have just ...

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ASK A Blogger: Small Business Payment Options

Small Business Payment Options As a blogger you are a service provider. We are often paid for our services. We often use Paypal to collect compensation but we needed other Small Business Payment Options. I am going to tell you that you are not protected when you use Paypal. I had a horrible experience. I thought the event was corrected but the "buyer" is up to his dirty tricks again. This prompted me to seek alternatives options. I figured I would share them with you because it is important ...

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