Ask a blogger: increase page views

increase page views

Increase page views The top ten ways to increase page views are: 1) Write quality content 2) Write content that people are looking for 3) Use keywords so that people can find your quality content 4) Use great images to add to your quality content 5) Promote your content daily 6) Keep track of your promotions I made a checklist that you can use for free... Blogging tips ten things you should consider 7) Use these services to promote your content on" a) Google + b) Pinterest c) … [Read more...]

Adding Users to Google Analytics

Adding a User in Google Analytics I have a team I admit that it takes more than myself to run my business. I am a business owner and as such it is important to know if what you are doing is effective. The best way to measure effectiveness on a blog is to look at your stats in google analytics. The things I track are: Traffic sources Clicks on content What posts were effective the same time last year and more I think of Google Analytics   as a road map to guide me to my final … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Your Button

    I think a blog button is very important. I think knowing where your blog button is equally important. What I do not understand is people rushing to sites to buy stock images. If this is your brand and your image for your site then it should be unique to you. I have seen the same buttons over and over again on other people's sites. I am not sure what their sites name is only that I have seen that image somewhere before. It is in fact very distracting. The button on this post … [Read more...]

Website 101 How to start a Blog:

How to Start a Blog   Wow! Starting a new website is a BIG deal. I forget because it is has been so long since this one was started. I had to sit down and ask myself, "how to start a blog" I had to start with my own tips in How to start a blog: blogging tips. Then I had to get to work. The first thing I did when coming up with the site was researching urls. I then found a designer to represent our vision. I hired Seright Designs owned by Coralie. Then the fun really begins. You … [Read more...]

Blogger Rates

blogger rates

   Blogger Rates To search for all of our  Ask A Blogger articles . Here is the truth I get paid to blog. I have to get paid because having a site is expensive. I have blogger rates. It takes a ton of time. I estimate this site takes about 150 + man hours a week. Yes, I have a staff. I have to pay them. How do I do it? I charge money. I can't pay them and my bills with face cream, coupons for a free frozen meals, toys for my children, mouthwash, and more. Blogger rates How do you … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Finding Keywords

seo word tracker

 Finding Keywords Where do I begin without leaving a crowd of you laughing on finding keywords. I blog but I just blog like one throws 300 darts and hopes to hit the mark. I decided instead of throwing three hundred darts I would learn to throw one and throw it well. That required a lot more reading and work then I wanted to do but I did it any way. I have heard I need to use the Google ad word tool.  I didn't because it required me to open another tab and honestly I always forget. Then I kept … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Adsense takes common sense

  The truth is this blog runs on money. I know funny ha. The hosting company wants money and so does the email service. I even have a staff that gets paid. The one source of income that pays all of my operating expenses is my side bars. It is crucial for me to have them set up so they are attract. I change them up often so they fit offers that you are interested as my customer. This is a deal site so you can assume I make a very small amount off of the deals I offer. I make the majority … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Picking a sponsor is like getting Married


    It is conference season and I am sure we are all looking for sponsors. I am looking for a Sponsor for Madame Deals. I think I am looking for a sponsor. You see I haven't decided. I feel like taking a sponsor is like getting married. The internet has the ability to connect you to a company for a lifetime. I feel like I am not just a "blog" but a brand. I need to be careful who I connect my brand with. When someone contacts me to sponsor me which has happened several times. … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Taking Screenshots


I am constantly taking Screenshots for publishing pictures on my site. Screenshots are fast and convenient for getting just the right image to share a coupon, free offer or store deal. I probably take at least 3 or more per day! What is a screenshot? Capturing something shown on your computer screen to a static image file. You are taking a snapshot (or picture) of your computer screen. I worked on a PC for years. I was proficient at taking Screenshots on a PC but had to use a free software … [Read more...]

ASK A Blogger: Adsense Making Dollar Out of Cents


I recently attending a meeting to learn how to optimize my site to increase my revenue using Google adsense. I would like to share 5 tips that I believe will help you make pay out each month. It is important to understand that even if you do not have adsense that these tips are valuable and can be applied to any ad network. 1) Content is key. If you do not have content then you will not have traffic. The key to making money off of ads is that the ad is relevant to what you write. If you … [Read more...]