Cheap Plus Size Bathing Suits

cheap plus size bathing suits

Cheap Plus Size Bathing Suits I firmly believe every woman is beautiful. In fact I launched a You are beautiful campaign last year. You can see all the lovely ladies that joined me.    You are Beautiful: Swimsuit Campaign    I am really not sure why with all the swim suit options people chose to wear suits that do nothing for their bodies. It is difficult to find a suit that fits. I suggest buying separates. I also suggest being honest with yourself. If you are trying on string ...

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Fashion Friday: Swimming pool Style

What to wear to the pool? I have explored that reality before in another post. The question I now have is what to wear to exercise at the pool? I pictured the ladies in the fancy swimming caps with the flowers and the matching bathing suits frolicking about. I envisioned my first pool based fitness class to resemble the commercial with the synchronized swimming and amazing array of aerial images flashing across the television. I imagined my jiggling parts didn't jiggle and all of my lady parts ...

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