Five Reasons Is the Number One Destination for Baby Registries

Five Reasons Is the Number One Destination for Baby Registries   Are you expecting a little bundle of joy or know someone that is? Then you have got to check out! It is the number one destination for baby registries because it is 1 registry for all your favorite stores and websites! How cool is that right!? Trying to remember everything you will need before the baby comes is hard enough, so no need to add to the hassle by having 5 different baby ...

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Make Your Own Baby Blanket

DIY Baby Blanket

Make Your Own Baby Blanket   Looking for a great gift to get an expecting mother? Why not make your own? This Make Your Own Baby Blanket is easy to make, and doesn't take to long! It would make a great gift for a soon-to-be-mom (or dad!) or to make for your own baby! I chose a "boy" and "girl" color pallet for a friend who doesn't know what she is having. You could do your Make Your Own Baby Blanket project in the theme for the baby, or in a certain color you know the recipient will ...

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Incredibundles The Ultimate Baby Gift Giveaway


  To be honest with all the baby shower that I have to attend to every year, I'm starting to run out of ideas. You see when I buy presents I make sure that it's something that the new parents can really use. I also want it to be unique so that the new parents won't have to deal with the problem of having duplicate baby products. I just found a site that will make gift giving for baby shower super easy. If you want to surprise a new mom & dad with awesome baby shower present, make ...

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Kids II Ingenuity Cozy Coo Sway Seat Review and Giveaway

Since becoming pregnant with my third child, I evaluated what types of baby gear I wanted to use this time around. I did not think I needed a swing until I saw the InGenuity Cozy Coo Sway Seat! This seat is absolutely amazing! The InGenuity Cozy Coo Sway Seat is not like any swing I have seen before. The Swau Seat supports newborns and infants up to 25 lbs, without looking awkward due to the cradle-like seat. The compact design takes up a very small amount of space – 30% less space than typical ...

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