Blissdom Wrap up

toms shoes

   These Shoes were made for walking and lets just say that is what they do… They walked up and down the Gaylord OpryLand Resort for three full days with bags full of swag for you. They went to a dinner at Cracker Barrel where I had the chance to meet some of the Mission Giveaway Team. [...]

TOMS Ballet Flats


    There are two things that have learned with motherhood. The first thing is high heels and toddlers do not go together. I live in my ballet flats. The second thing is it important to teach your children how to live responsibly. We need to buy and support companies that support others. We need [...]

Ask a Teacher

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The Morning Routine It just dawned on me as I was buying my son’s new backpack for kindergarten, because “Mom, Diego is so preschool”, that school is almost here. I am excited for my son to begin his educational journey. I am not excited for the crazy twist that this will put in our morning [...]