Grammarly review

grammarly review

Grammarly reviewI want to level with you and give you some real advice. The difference between a promotion and your current job is your ability to communicate in writing. The difference between a good student and an exceptional student is how they convey meaning in writing. I have always struggled with my writing. I am dyslexic, and grammar rules confuse me and I can't get a handle on it. I needed help, so I decided to do a Grammarly review. I was smart enough to find a FREE tool that ...

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Ask A Teacher: Cooking for Entertainment

How do you deal with the I'm bored... The answer I have is simple, ask your child what they want to learn about. Then make it happen. Our son wants to learn how to cook. This is so exciting for his future wife! I asked him what he would like to cook and since he is four he started naming all the food he likes to eat. I wrote a list down, although I already know what he likes to eat. We then went on this site All Recipes and entered in the ingredients we wanted. His are spinach, bacon, and pasta. ...

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