40 Years of Lessons

40 years of lessons

     I thought it would be fun to capture my first forty years. I have accomplished a lot in forty years so I am not at all upset to be forty. I am living life as I had planned. I am grateful for each day in fact I am grateful for each moment because some do not have another day or moment. I learned how to walk, talk, jump, dance, teach, and cook. I learned how to be less selfish and to be a good friend. I learned how to work and go to school. I learned how to set a goal and accomplish it. I ...

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How to Take the Perfect Family Picture


How to Take the Perfect Family PictureI am going to share How to Take the Perfect Family Picture. The first thing you need is a great photographer insert Kelly Alison. Then you need a beautiful, well dressed, and well behaved family. They will need to smile. They will need to stay there and sit down in uncomfortable positions for hours. That is what it takes to get the perfect family picture. This is what Kelly had to work with. The day I chose turned out to be a day that my husband had a ...

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