Earn Money with the Amazon Trade In Program

Trade in program

Clean out Clutter and Earn Money with the Amazon Trade In Program When you look around your room you will probably find cds, movies, textbooks, video games and even electronics that you are not using. These items are not only taking up space they are losing their value every day you keep them. You don't have to lose out on money because Amazon has a great program available that will pay you for your stuff. ...

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Amazon Tips and Hints

amazon tips

I love shopping on Amazon for many reasons. The first is because it is so convenient and I can do it from home. If I don't have to go out to the store that is time and gas saved. Overtime I have learned how to take advantage of the great offerings Amazon can bring and want to share them with you. Make the Most of Amazon with these Helpful Tips and Hints Pre-order Price Guarantee-Any item Pre-ordered from Amazon.com with the Pre-Order Price Guarantee assures you will get the lowest price. ...

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KidsEmail Review and Giveaway

Being a mom I want to introduce my kids to the latest technology and since everything is done online now I know that it is important for them to learn how to use email. I want to give them their own email accounts, unfortunately free and regular email accounts are not safe for kids, some have inappropriate ads and even indecent spam messages. If I'm going to give my kids an email account to use, I want one that is 100% safe for kids and one that I can monitor. I found the solution with ...

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ASK A Blogger: Small Business Payment Options

Small Business Payment Options As a blogger you are a service provider. We are often paid for our services. We often use Paypal to collect compensation but we needed other Small Business Payment Options. I am going to tell you that you are not protected when you use Paypal. I had a horrible experience. I thought the event was corrected but the "buyer" is up to his dirty tricks again. This prompted me to seek alternatives options. I figured I would share them with you because it is important ...

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Big Box Reveal

Amazon Box

I have a big fat secret.  The item in my dark secret closet is actually found in this very box. This huge box contains the very answers you are looking for in your savings future. Madame Deals is about finding or figuring out the best deal for you. It is not about always using a coupon and buying everything with a coupon. In fact unless you need it even if it is FREE do not bother getting it. I mean FREE is great but getting it for FREE takes time and money. If you do not need it you should not ...

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