Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha xi delta

Alpha Xi Delta   So who is this Madame Deals Chick? I bet you are wondering. It is funny I kind of look like my graphic but long before I was Madame Deals I was a sister of Alpha Xi Delta. I would love to have breakfast at Tiffany’s in fact I would love to have breakfast anywhere. I love breakfast. I decided it would be fun each week to share something about my past, present and what I hope for the future. I am someone who shares for a living right? I share deals and saving tips.  What ...

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Chicago Travel: Madame Deals Style

Okay, So it is girl's weekend Happy Birthday Alpha Xi Delta! We decided every year that my sisters and myself would meet up for a weekend of fun. I save all year. I turned in my get out of jail card and flew to Chicago. I hope to share my tips and trips for how to have a five star trip on a 2 star budget. I am writing this watching a plasma TV from my lovely hotel room located downtown. I will tell you how I scored a 5 star hotel for $100.00 a night. Tip 1: Pick a date as far advance as ...

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