Convert your movies

I am so excited. I am watching movies of my kids that were stuck on vhs tapes and our VCR broke a long time ago. This is converter is easy to use and guess what it is so much cheaper than paying someone else to do it for you. I saved hundreds. I now have my wedding on dvd and my kids first years. I can't tell you how much it means to me it is really priceless. I thought this could be a side business for someone since the equipment is so cheap! I have tons of videos and old movies. I had no … [Read more...]

Food on the Table Meal Plan Service is FREE Again!

Food on the Table

Grab this HOT DEAL!! Food on the Table Meal Plan Service is FREE again! Food on the table gives you free recipes and saves you money on your groceries! Food on the Table Meal Plan service combines the weekly sales from your local grocery store with your family’s food preferences. They will take the sales at your local grocery store and your family’s food preferences to create a meal plan based on kid-friendly recipes handpicked by their chefs. Then, they will send you to the store with a … [Read more...]