Good Deed Quotes


Good Deed Quotes I often think of  Good Deed Quotes and they remind me to pay it forward. I believe that with every action there is a reaction. If you do something from your heart. Then I truly believe other people will also do the same. I decided I would test my theory. I offered $1 [...]

The $100 Story

100 story

$100 Story I believe with every good deed a life is changed. I started the $100 story to show people that the impact of $100 can actually change people’s lives for the better. The $100 story started a couple of years ago. You can read about it here in my Madame Deals $100 Story. This [...]

Grateful: Top 5


Today I am grateful that it is my birthday. The reason is simple I have been given another year to live. I started writing a grateful list of my top five every day because in life I think we forget the small things. We forget because we are to busy being ungrateful. I have made [...]