Good Deed Quotes


Good Deed Quotes I often think of  Good Deed Quotes and they remind me to pay it forward. I believe that with every action there is a reaction. If you do something from your heart. Then I truly believe other people will also do the same. I decided I would test my theory. I offered $1 to 10 people and asked them to do something kind for someone else. You can see what they did as part of my $100 story. It did however get me thinking if we are reminded to do good is that enough? If we read … [Read more...]

The $100 Story

100 story

$100 Story I believe with every good deed a life is changed. I started the $100 story to show people that the impact of $100 can actually change people's lives for the better. The $100 story started a couple of years ago. You can read about it here in my Madame Deals $100 Story. This is where we are for this year so far. I start with $100. I received this request in my email on facebook. " Star  I was writing to ask you for your help. If you're able to help, if not it's okay. … [Read more...]

Grateful: Top 5


Today I am grateful that it is my birthday. The reason is simple I have been given another year to live. I started writing a grateful list of my top five every day because in life I think we forget the small things. We forget because we are to busy being ungrateful. I have made the choice to look at the positive and grow the things that are positive in my life. It isn't easy. I will talk about that choice more over the next couple of weeks. I decided to be the light that helps others' candles … [Read more...]

$100 Story Paying it forward

$100 story

I know that as I sit here in my house with my family asleep upstairs that I am grateful. I am grateful each day that I am in a position to help. It wasn't long ago that I taught school. I gave up teaching and stayed home to raise my children. This site began as a way to teach people and help people. It has helped me and I believe in paying it forward. I am a person that believes we each have the power to do something to help others. You can see how this whole $100 story started in my $100 … [Read more...]

Paying it Forward one $100 Story at a time

$100 story

If you have followed by blog there are two things you should know. I blog to have a place to be myself and share. I am an over "sharer" by nature. I also want to figure out a way to use my skill set as an entrepreneur to help others. It is very important to me to do more for others. I am sure we all have the desire to help others but we often think well I do not have anything to offer. The truth is we each have the ability to help others the only question is how to get started. The answer is … [Read more...]

Pay it Forward Friday Week #4


  This all started with the $100 story. The idea was simple invest what you have in others and in turn you can unite people. This year I decided I was going to create a "helping others resolution." I was going to "offend" as many people as possible by not asking if they needed me to provide a good deed I was going to offer to help and do so. I was going to  give from my heart and in return I would have the memory of their reaction. I was going to document those memories and continue to build our … [Read more...]

Pay it Forward week #3

This year I made a resolution to help others. I was a teacher before I had children. The one thing that I missed most staying at home was inspiring others to create change in themselves and in others. I thought I reach 50k people daily. I could focus my energy in a different way. I could use my platform and not only provide great deal match ups and store coupon match ups but provide a place where we could help others. The thought is simple and helping others is even easier. My goal is to have … [Read more...]