Tablets under $100 from Walmart

Tablets under $100 from Walmart



Tis the season for great gift giving, and these tablets under $100 from Walmart are sure to please your giftee and you wallet! While searching for a tablet for my own gift giving needs, I noticed that there was a great group of tablets for under $100!I even found some great kids specific tablets for under $100! So here is the list of my top picks:

Here are some great tablets under $100 from Walmart:


  1. Nextbook 7″ Tablet with 8GB Memory with Google Mobile Services-$59
  2. RCA 7″ Tablet with 4GB Memory-$49
  3. Nextbook 8″ Dual Core Tablet with 8GB Memory-$99
  4. ClickN KIDS 7″ Tablet with 8GB Memory – featuring Looney Tunes Phonics-$99
  5. XELIO 9″ Tablet With 8GB Memory-$69
  6. Visual Land Prestige Pro 7″ Tablet Dual Core with 16GB Memory-$89.99
  7. NABI Touchscreen Kids Tablet PC with Optional Bundle-$99
  8. Polaroid 7″ Kids Tablet with 8GB Memory-$99

Check out all the Tablets under $100 from Walmart HERE!


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