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I have not switched over to online bill pay yet. It is something that I have talked about with several people and it seems like the way to go. The one thing holding me back is time- I need to take the time to set it up!

4 Compelling Reasons To Use Online Bill Pay

by: Mrs. Not Made of Money

I am adamant that online bill pay is one of the best services banks have offered in years. It makes it so easy and quick to pay bills on time and without hassles. With a few clicks of a button, bill paying is done, and I can get on with my day. Here are my favorite reasons for using online bill pay:

You never have to worry about forgetting to write down a check that you’ve written.
If you use your checking account’s online bill pay system, the transaction is already recorded when it happens. Paying everything online also eliminates any math errors you might make when you’re subtracting payments from your account.

You can schedule payments ahead of time.
If you’ve got a vacation coming up, bill payment can get a little iffy, especially if you some of your bills are due during that time. You may not be able to afford paying the bills early; you may need to wait for your regular payroll deposit. Paying your bills online allows you to schedule your payments well after you know your payroll will hit your account. You can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that your finances will be fine until you get home.

You can pay virtually anyone.
You may wonder about the convenience of using online bill pay if some of your vendors aren’t large corporations. How do you pay your doctor’s office or homeowners association dues? Fortunately, many bill payment systems allow you to set up vendors that are specific to you. Your bank will write its own check to your vendor and send it to him.

You can eliminate some of your paper bills.
Many creditors such as your credit card companies, your utilities, and your insurance providers may actually enable you to receive your bills electronically through your online bill pay system. Now, not only can you pay your bills online, but you can view and file them, too.

If you’ve been putting off switching to online bill pay, now is the time to check it out. If you still aren’t completely sold on the idea, just test the waters by paying one or two bills for a couple of months and evaluate it for yourself. You’ll quickly see why online bill pay is the way to go to take care of your family’s finances.

4 Compelling Reasons to use Online Bill Pay was reprinted with permission from NotMadeOfMoney.com

Have you tried online bill pay yet? Do you like it?

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  1. Li Rushmore says

    I switched to paying my bills online about one year ago, and I love it. You save money on postage and not ordering new checks. I bought some appliances on an interest-free acct; I scheduled an automatic monthly payment for the free interest over a one year period. So far everything has been paid timely. All my utilities and phone bills are paid on line. If you are not sure whether a bill was paid, it keeps a record of your last bill for each vendor. The thing I love most is going online to review my statement and reconcile my balance.
    I can find out which bills have cleared my account any time of the day 24/7.
    By the way it keeps a tab on which computer you use to pay your bills. I tried
    to pay the bills on another computer, and it told me I was using another computer and needed to answer some questions to verify my identification.

  2. amanda says

    I have been paying our bills online for years now. The time savings is great and so is not buying stamps! It also cut down on the amount of mail that has to be dealt with as we are ‘paperless’ with many of our creditors and even our health insurance. Less clutter=happier mom!

  3. says

    Li And Amanda,
    Thank you so much for the feedback! I am going to set it up this week! I just needed that last little push on encouragement!

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