Swimways Spring Float

Swim Ways Spring Float

Swim Ways Spring float

I would love to say  Swimways Spring Float is where I hang out all summer long the truth is….. I can’t get my children off long enough to lay around. That is until adult swim and then this float is all mine. I love that it is easy to blow up and deflate. It folds flat and comes with a bag so it is portable.

Swimways Spring Floats

Are a great gift idea or addition to your summer fun. They come in a variety of color choices and are recommend for people ages 15 and up.  They are patented and feature a Jet Value technology that makes blowing them up and deflating them easy. I can attest to that! They provide full body support as you can see from my nifty picture above. They are so easy to fold that my 8 year old can do it quicker than I can.

GIVEAWAY: Win a Swimways Spring Float

I would like to offer one of you the opportunity to win a float like mine above. You just need to leave a comment letting me know what you favorite summer memory is. If you haven’t made one yet check out our list of 100 things t0 do this summer. I will chose a winner  July 25th at 10 pm using random.org. You must be 18 or older and you must reside in the United States to enter. If you the winner doesn’t appear in 24 hours after being contacted via email I get to pick another one no hurt feelings.

You can see more of our swimway reviews because my kids just love their swimway swim vests.


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  1. Danelle Bell says

    We camp at the beach for a week, playing in the water, riding bikes and campfires with smores!!

  2. Rachelle says

    my favorite summer memory was watching my little girl splash in the pool for the first time a few years ago!

  3. Melissa Johns says

    My favorite summer memory has been my 19 month old finding waves at the beach for the first time on fathers day weekend..it put smiles on both of their faces all weekend..

  4. Deb says

    My most favorite memory was spending time with my Great Aunt in Minford, OH, down in the holler. Swinging on the grapevine occupied much of our time

  5. gwendolyn says

    My favorite summer memory was the 1st summer I met my husband. We spent every free time together and seeing every Fireworks Show in the area.

  6. Ellen E says

    Our new tradition of going to the Atlantic City Airshow with our granddaughter – 3 years in a row, can’t wait until next year.

  7. kristin simmons says

    i have recently lost a lot of weight. previously, i was too embarrassed to enjoy myself enough to make great memories with my husband and kids. now that i’ve gotten healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin, i am ready to make up for lost time and start creating some wonderful.

  8. Janet W. says

    My favorite summer memory was when my husband and I took a trip to the beach in FL before our 1st daughter was born. It was great being on our own time schedule with not a care in the world!!

  9. Kathy L. says

    My favorite summer memory is of my Mother. She was confined to a wheel chair with ALS for 2 summers before she passed away. She loved coming to my house and looking at all of the flowers growing everywhere. Such a simple pleasure that made her so happy!

  10. Madelyn I. says

    Gosh! Summer is the best time of all – so many memories. But one consistent memory is catching fireflies. I wanted my boys to experience this thrilling game of chase; however, there are very few fireflies to spot. So I truly treasure the memory of those welcoming beacons of a warm summer’s evening.

  11. says

    The last summer before we had children, my husband and I played hookie and went to the beach as often as possible. Good times and good memories!

  12. Stephanie says

    My favorite summer memory this year is spending a day in DC with my friends and then ending by going to a concert.

  13. Tara Liebing says

    My favorite summer memory is swimming all summer in our backyard. We loved having a pool in our backyard then we never had to go to the public pool.

  14. says

    My favorite summer memories is going out boating with my Hubby and our daughter. we used to have so much fun going out for the day. Our daughter normally took a friend with her and we would anchor the boat and we would all swim and have a blast. Great times.

  15. Julie says

    My favorite summer memory is any time I get to spend with my 2 daughters. In the middle of a divorce & I cherish my time with them. Youngest (she is 11) loves swimming in the pool at my new apt. complex. 🙂

  16. Darlene Sullins says

    One of my favorite summer memories have been fishing with my hubby and girls this year. 😀 So fun ^^

  17. says

    My favorite summer memory … Hard to pick just one.
    I think the first time my dad took my sisters and brother to Disney World for the first time is my favorite. It started with a trip for just our family and now about 18 years later, it is an annual family reunion!!

  18. Dawn Sweeps says

    My favorite summer memory is the great vacations that we took when I was a child and the excitement knowing my parents would be planning an amazing trip.

  19. Kali Cloutier says

    When my first born was 7 months old, we lived in Wisconsin and it took forever for the weather to warm up enough to spend time outside in the summer. When it finally did, we stuffed him into the swimming suit we’d been waiting to use, gathered a group of kids that lived next door, and all went to the beach. It was the best beach I’ve ever been to, as it was about 2-3 feet deep at the most for several hundred feet before getting deeper and the water was warm enough to be enjoyable (quite a feat when all of the lakes are bay water from a Great Lake). He played with the other kids, buried his rubber ducky under the sand, and even ate a little sand before we finally went home. It makes me nostalgic every time I think of it. 🙂

  20. Dawn Cates says

    Some of my favorite summer memories is going camping by a river and swimming for most of the time.

  21. says

    My favorite summer memories are always Fourth of July–such fun in the sun all day and my kids acting like they’ve never seen fireworks before every year OHHHHHH THAT’S AWESOME!!! LOVE THOSE!!!

  22. Helene Tienda says

    My favorite summer memory was the summer that my parents moved us from Arizona to California. When we got to California, my parents were in the process of buying a house, so we didn’t have any place to live for a while. So, we took our little trailer and parked it at one of the campgrounds by the beach. We got to live at the beach for three weeks. We had the best time, camping out and having campfires, roasting marshmallows, fishing, and just hanging out on the beach. Boy, to have those days back again…

  23. polly says

    We always enjoyed our summer trip to Minnesota to visit all of our cousins and relatives…we would swim in the lake all day long, go fishing, ride on the pontoon boat…it was always the best time ever when we got together!

  24. Colleen Maurina says

    My favorite summer memories are the times I spent as a child at our lake cabin swimming, fishing and boating!

  25. Deborah Pressley says

    My favorite summer memory was watching my grandson learn how to swim. He looked so cute and so happy when he realized he was really swimming and MeMa wasn’t holding on anymore.

  26. says

    My favorite summer memory is the last summer my mom was alive when I was 12. We went to the beach together, shared an ice cream and built the coolest sand castle!!

  27. Heather Forseth Grant says

    I took my kids and the neighbor kids hiking in a gorgeous are called Tanyard Creek. We kijed, waded in streams, looked at all kinds of land and water animals, and played in the waterfall:-)

  28. Angela Zimba says

    Playing in our pool with my family! It’s another year of stay vacations and our pool gives us a lot of family play time together 🙂

  29. Heather Zeh says

    My favorite memory is our annual family trip to Wildwood, NJ. We’ve gone every year since we were kids and stayed at same hotel and even now, grown with kids of our own, we still go as a family every year and i love it!

  30. Alyshia says

    My favorite summer memory so far is when my oldest son saw the ocean for the first time he was four and it was great seeing pure excitement in his face.

  31. Stefanie Gladden says

    my favorite summer memory would have to be the first time i spent 4th of july at the beach. I was with family and friends, we went to a fair, and later that night watched the fireworks! it was absolutely amazing.

  32. Geraldine Kennedy says

    My favorite summer memory goes back to my childhood. We owed a summer home along with 8 or 9 other relatives. The house was huge & we filled every space, there were 14-20 kids at any one time & we had a ball. We rode bikes, went down to the lake for a swim or went picking wild berries. When we went to church we took up 3-4 pews, people in town thought we were a summer camp. I remember us going to the drive in movies, price was per car, so you can imagine how crammed in we would be. Back then the biggest car was a station wagon or woodie as it was called.

    Weather I win or not, thanks for making me smile by remembering these lost forgotten good times.

  33. Anna says

    My favorite summer memory is pretty much LIVING in our pool growing up! We were always in it…morning, afternoon, and even evening(my dad installed a light above the pool for us so we could be in it at night since we loved it so much). Then when we got out Mom always had popsicles for us. We loved summer!

  34. Michelle Tucker says

    My favorite summer memory is going to my grandparents house at the lake for a week every year. We had so much fun swimming and hanging out with our cousins. It was awesome.
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  35. Lisa Burdette says

    Going to Edisto Beach, SC – better known as Edislow for the relaxing atmosphere there, literally nothing to do but enjoy the sun on your skin and the sand between your toes!

  36. says

    My favorite summer was when my entire family got together at my moms house swimming.cooking out, right before my grandmother died. We never all are at the same place at the same time and that was just a memorable time for our family!

  37. Alicia Som says

    Going to the local lake with my kids and watching them be kids…just play in the water without a care in the world! It makes my heart happy to see them just be kids!

  38. Theresa Wilson says

    My favorite summer activity is swimming with the family in our pool and kayaking or tubing. This is our summer go to fun!

  39. Tonya Trapp says

    My favorite summer memory is going to one of our local water parks when I was a preteen. We would stay as long as possible into the night going up and down that hill. We rode that waterslide for all it was worth and we would be wishing the day would never end.

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