Swimsuits in December

 Where do you buy Swimsuits in December?

This was the question I asked my mom when I realized that my swimsuit was not going to last till Spring. I could not find any at the major department stores or their online sites. With a little searching my mom found Swimsuits For All.

I was a little leery of buying a swimsuit online but figured at least I could try it on in the comfort of my home. They have an easy return policy so we (my mom and I) both ordered 2 suits and hoped for the best. The whole process from shopping to receiving my order was easy, fast, and pain free. The best part was I bought 2 swimsuits for less than what one suit would cost me at the department stores during swimsuit season. They swimsuits fit me perfectly but if they hadn’t Swimsuits For All has an easy return/exchange policy. I will never shop for swimsuits anywhere else.

They are currently offering Savings up to 50% on 100s of swimsuits with no promo code. To view all the sale go HERE!!

Markdowns on 100's of styles at Swimsuitsforall.com

Swimsuits For All offers an extensive collection of swimsuits in 100s of styles for women in sizes 8-16. They carry Major Brands such as Delta Burke, Beach Belle, and Maxine of Hollywood.

Right now they are also having a special deal on Delta Burke Swimwear: Get $10 off and a $20 gift card when you buy  Delta Burke swimwear  – Use Promo Code: DB2013



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  1. cassi says

    So many great designs! I prefer a one piece swimdress like these Beach-Belle-Plus-Size-Periwinkle-Feathery-Animal-V-Neck-Swimdress

  2. Nicole Chauvin says

    b-belle-Oahu is beautiful, i have a sumisuot formthis company i bought 2 years ago and i think its time for a new top to go with it!!! ( i commented here and on the giveaway page not sure which one i was supposed to do it on. Good luck all

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