Swimsuit Season is Almost Here: Health & Fitness Roundup


Sharon (me) & Amee (aka Madame Deals)
many, many swimsuit seasons ago

Sharon’s Health & Fitness Roundup

Spring is upon us! Temperatures are getting warmer, flowers are starting to bloom…and swimsuit season is right around the corner. And if you’re like me, you will spend lots of time in a bathing suit this summer – at the pool, the beach, the water park, or just in your own backyard.

Swimsuit season can be daunting for every woman, regardless of body type or level of fitness. But I say this summer – let’s embrace our beauty! Every one of us is beautiful in our own way. Let’s not diet and exercise to look a certain way in our bathing suits. Let’s do it to be healthy – for our kids, our loved ones, and ourselves.

This spring, we’ve brought you some great health and fitness deals to help you on your way to being the best YOU that you can be. Here are some of my favorites:


eMeals: Do you want to have a healthier diet but don’t know how to get started? Let eMeals do the planning for you. Every  week, eMeals will send you a Meal Planning Guide based on your family size and nutritional preferences. You can chose from a variety of eating and cooking styles, from classic to vegan to gluten-free. Use the promo code BLISS13 and save 15% off of your purchase.

Meal Planning Made Simple


Living Lean: Need a little extra help shedding a few pounds? Try the FREE 14-day trial of Living Lean, a weight loss program designed for women. This program will teach you about 3 common mistakes that make weight loss impossible, and it will help you lose weight from the comfort of your own home without pills, drinks, diets, or exercise.

Weight Loss Program: FREE 14-Day Trial



NewsMax Simple Hearts: Are you at risk for heart disease? Take this simple quiz and find out.

Test Your Risk for Heart Disease



iTRAIN: Are you looking for a fun exercise program that will get your heart pumping and your body moving? Then check out the 6 Week Body Makeover Program by iTRAIN. Download this unique combination of cardio and ballet, set to great music and videos, to your iPod, tablet, or cell phone. Celebrity trainer, Grace Lazenby, has helped thousands of women, including celebrities like Courteny Cox and Jessica Simpson. Let her help you too! Order now to save 33% on this fitness program.

Lose 2 Dress Sizes in 6 Weeks



Ellie: You’ll want to look fabulous while you exercise, right? If you love high-tech activewear in fashion forward, figure-flattering styles, then Ellie is the place for you. Sign up now and receive 20% off of your first order.

Ellie: Where Fitness Meets Fashion


 Big 5 Sporting Goods: Need new athletic shoes for your workouts? Sign up for Big 5 Sporting Goods email newsletter and receive a 10% coupon of your next purchase.

Save 10% on Sporting Goods and Attire


Let’s get fit and healthy together! We deserve to be the very best versions of ourselves. Check back here for more health and fitness offers, information, and ideas.

Keep it moving!

Sharon – your Marathon Mommy


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