SuperPoints Contest #5

The contest is simple this is the opportunity you have waited for I will help you build your team.  I am currently #3 in the superpoint company. If you are not on my team. You may email me at [email protected] subject superpoint code. All you need to do is spin and open your email and record your results under this post!!!

Why should you use superpoints
1) It is free
2) you get paid weekly in everything from paypal cash to amazon giftcards and tangible goodies like an ipad2.
3) You can earn points from your own spins
4) You can earn points from your friends spins
5) You can participate in charity spinathons where I donate what I make off of your spins to others. We have donated money to the vets, Ronald McDonald house, St. Jude, Breast cancer survivors, and most recently the food bank. I have also made three families lives better by providing gifts to their families for the holidays based on my fans who spoke up to get them help.

To date I have made $1800

The rules anyone on the Madame Deals team may participate.

1) Sign up under me or someone on my team.

2) Spin or open your email.

3) Everytime you earn points post a comment below with the point value and date.. example I got $2 points in my email 10:18 am Sunday or I spun and won 25 super lucky points on Wednesday 5:00 pm

4) Every time you share this post/ contest you can enter a comment below. Example I shared on fb monday 11:15 am. I liked your post… all comments must be made on this contest post to be counted

What do you win?

The prize every Sunday I will pick a person to share their codes. I will share 14 codes a week for that person to help you build your team and you will get a prize!

email me for codes [email protected] Superpoint codes!! I have $1,800 reasons because this works!

Here are codes click until you find one that works

– also once you join make sure to complete your profile

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  1. Marlette noel says

    Good Morning, I opened my email this morning and recieved 25 superpoints. So i guess it was a Very Lucky Superpoints email.
    Marlette N.

  2. Marlette noel says

    After I checked my email I went to the lucky spin button and won 1 superpoint, while spinning.
    Thank you
    Marlette N.

  3. Xena M says

  4. Kelly W. says

    I won 50 points with the SuperLucky Button on January 21, 2012 at 10:02am. Woohoo!!!! Most I have gotten in a long time :-)

  5. Pam M says

    Wow! Another 5 point email came while I was spinning! 1/22 11:22pm
    That’s it for me today/tonight . . . see you tomorrow :)