Super Spy Challenge with Goodnites


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As a woman, when faced with a challenge, I tend to talk to my girlfriends about how to problem solve a solution. This works out for a variety of reasons. The first is, that I have girlfriends from various walks of life, in different stages of their lives, and of course, different personalities. This allows me to hear a great cross-section of ideas and allows me to pick and choose a couple that I think might work best. It also allows me to have other, problem solving "back up" plans if the first few that I tried seem to fall flat. Next, they speak my language…"girl"…so, I tend to understand their points a little easier than if say my husband were to offer similar advice. Now, please don't get me wrong, I do consult my husband – especially in matters that concern our household, family, etc, however, I may not clearly understand his reasoning behind things -whereas with my girlfriends, I might have an easier time.
All of this to say, that when faced with the challenge of how to handle and manage my growing super spy's challenge of battling a difficult foe, nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting), my husband and I first problem solved  together. When the things we thought of didn't seem to work, I hit the mommy network of my girlfriends to talk about it and seek their advice.
As I have mentioned here and here trying to find a way to battle this foe, has proved to be a challenge for every member of our spy team. It was not until recently that I learned of yet another valuable resource – GoodNites. There is a large network of moms,just like me, seeking and supporting others who are out there battling the same worthy opponent!

I learned that there are a number of ways to get information, support, and better hone my 
skills at battling my son's strongest foe! Connecting with parents through Facebook GoodNites 
page (aka, Mission Control) and through Google+ as well as learning more through watching 
some videos on YouTube.
 The resources there are helpful and I am able to find great comfort that my super spy is not the only one!
So, whether you stop by the website or check GoodNites Facebook page, be sure to sign up and check out their Under Cover Mission and use code 8675 to enter for a chance at some great super spy prize packs!


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