Super Mario 3D Land KNEX Sets Review

Super Mario 3D Land K’NEX Set

Super Mario Knex Sets


I was recently selected to review 7 sets of K’NEX available exclusively at Toys R Us this holiday season. I was super excited about this opportunity because my daughter and son love to build things. I love K’NEX because they help my children work on valuable skills such as concentration, dedication and organization. 

My daughter eagerly selected the Super Mario 3D Land K’Nex ™ Bowser’s Castle Building Set as her first set to build.

The Super Mario 3D Land K’Nex Bowser’s Castle Building Set — Takes you on a brand new adventure with Mario™ to battle Bowser™ and save the princess in the FINAL course! This set features  K’NEX’s all new jump disk and launcher that allow Mario to run and jump, like he does in the game.   Look out for Draglet – a battery-powered motor makes him a spinning danger at the entrance.  Use the track slider to cross the pit, and jump up to collect the coins!  Save Princess Peach™, pop-up the goal flag and you’ve WON THE GAME!

Super Mario 3D Land Knex

This set seemed a little complicated for my daughter’s first K’NEX set but she loves Super Mario and I would rather she build than find her Mario fun in a video game. She worked for several hours and had completed over half of this great set when it was time for bed. She woke up early the next morning and started working on finishing her project right away.


Her next Super Mario K’NEX set to tackle will be the New Super Mario Bros.™ 2 Thwomps™ Building Set and will combine easily with the Bowser’s Castle she completed.

super mario 3D Land Knex

Super Mario Bros. 2 tGo on a brand new adventure with Fire Mario™ & Silver Luigi™ as they journey through a castle course!  Featuring K’NEX’s all new jump disk and launcher that allow Mario to run and jump, like he does in the game.  Build Fire Mario & Silver Luigi and drop them through the warp pipe to enter the course. Look out for the Thwomps – slam them down to open your path.  Make your way past the Thwomps, collecting coins as you go – don’t forget to grab the Power Up mushroom at the top!  Drop through another warp pipe and guess what – there’s another side to play on!  Use the sliding platform to cross the lava.  Who will you find behind the door?  It’s a Bone Goomba™!  Hit the target to defeat him, pop-up the flag and you’ve cleared the course

 These fabulous sets by K’NEX are perfect for everyone who loves Super Mario and Super Mario 3D Land. Remember these sets are only available at Toys ‘R Us so you will want to shop early to make sure you have them under the tree this Holiday Season.

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