Sunday Coupon Inserts Preview for 6/9/13

Check out Sunday Coupon Inserts Preview!


The Sunday Coupon Inserts Preview says that there will be one coupon insert in this Sunday’s paper;a Smartsource. Remember the Sunday coupon inserts will vary from region to region.

Some expected coupons:

Smartsource Coupon Preview

Ball $1/1 real fruit pectin or food mix (flex batch) (7/28)
Ball/Kerr B2G1 free lids box (7/28)
Ban $2/2 antiperspirant deodorants 1.5oz+ (7/13)
Band-Aid $.75/2 bandage products (7/13) ETS
Benadryl $2/1 topical product (7/13) ETS
Better Than $1/1 dog treats or gnawin’ forever (9/9)
Betty Crocker $.50/2 Suddenly Salad mixes (8/3)
Brut $1/1 fragrance product 3.5oz+ not valid on shave foam, razors or Revolution products (7/6)
Buitoni $1/1 refrigerated pasta or sauce (9/9)
Curel $1/1 moisturizer 3.5floz+ (7/13)
Dr. Pepper $.75/1 TEN 2-liter bottle or 1 12pk cans (7/21) DND
Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Inc $.75/1 2-liter bottle 7UP Ten, A&W Ten, Sunkist Ten, Canada Dry Ten or RC Ten (7/21) DND
Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Inc. $1/2 12pks or 3 2-liter bottles 7UP, A&W, Sunkist Soda, Canada Dry or Sun Drop (7/21) DND
Dr. Scholl’s $1/1 Odor-X product (8/3)
Fiber One $.50/1 protein chewys bars (8/3)
General Mills $1/2 cereals (7/20)
Gerber $1/2 regular or graduates food (6/30)
Gerber $3/1 formula 22oz+ (6/30)
Green Giant $.50/1 5oz+ veggie snack chips (8/3)
Jell-O $.80/2 refrigerated snacks (7/7)
Jergens $1/1 moisturizer 8oz+ (7/20)
Jergens $1/1 natural glow + protect daily moisturizer sunscreen excludes 2floz body moisturizers (7/13)
Jergens $1/1 natural glow face daily moisturizer sunscreen excludes 2floz moisturizers (7/13)
John Frieda $1/1 frizz-ease serum or styling product (7/13)
John Frieda $3/2 full size products
John Frieda $5/2 precision foam colour shades (7/13)
Johnson & Johnson $1/2 Red Cross products excludes trial and first aid kits (7/13)
MiO $1/1 liquid water enhancer (7/7)
Morton $.75/1 Epsom salt plain 4lb, eucalyptus 3lb or lavender 3lb (11/30) DND
Mott’s $1/1 64oz Medleys juice (7/21) DND
Mott’s $1/1 juice or juice drink (7/21) DND
Nature Valley $.50/1 granola thins (8/3)
Neosporin $2/1 first aid product or Eczema Essentials product (7/13) ETS
Philips Norelco $10/1 Click & Style YS524 or Styleshaver QS6140 (6/23)
Philips Norelco $20/1 SensoTouch 2D razor only (6/23)
Philips Norelco $5/1 razor, replacement head or trimmer $25+ (6/23)
Philips Norelco $50/1 SensoTouch 3D razor over $150 (6/23)
Philips Sonicare $10/1 rechargeable toothbrush or Airfloss excludes Essence, Xtreme and Power Up models (7/31)
Philips Sonicare $15/1 DiamondClean, Flexcare+ or Flexcare rechargeable toothbrush (7/31)
Philips Sonicare $4/1 brush heads or Essence orXtreme toothbrush excludes Power Up (7/31)
Playtex $1/1 Gentle Glide tampons or Sport tampons (7/14)
PureLife $3/1 naturals product (10/31)
Rachael Ray $4/1 Nutrish zero grain super premium food for dogs (9/9)
Raid Max $1/1 bug barrier refill (7/20)
Raid Max $3/1 bug barrier with reusable auto trigger (7/20)
Revlon $2/1 cosmetic item (7/9) TARGET coupon ETS
Schick $.75/1 Hydro shave gel (7/21)
Schick $2/1 Hydro 3 or 5 refill (7/21)
Schick $2/1 Hydro Power Select or Hydro 3 or 5 razor (7/21)
Schick $3/1 Xtreme3, ST2 or ST3, Slim Twin or Quattro dispoable razor packs excludes 2ct and 10+2ct (7/7)
Schick $4/1 Hydro 5 disposable pack (7/21)
Schick $5/2 Xtreme3, ST2 or ST3, Slim Twin or Quattro dispoable razor packs excludes 2ct and 10+2ct (7/7)
Scott Naturals $.50/1 flushable cleansing cloths tub or refill (7/21)
Scott Naturals $.75/4+ rolls bath tissue (7/21)
Scott Naturals $.75/6+ rolls paper towels (7/21)
Snapple $1/1 6pk, 16oz bottles half n half (7/21) DND
Wheat Thins $1/2 crackers 8.1oz+ (7/19) DND
Windex $1/1 touch-up cleaner product (7/21)
Windex $3/2 touch-up cleaner products (7/21)
Yoplait $.40/6 cups (8/3)
Yoplait $.50/8 cups (8/3)

To order coupons, head on over to My Coupon Hunters. If you order by Monday morning, you should receive your coupons by Thursday.

Go over to the Sunday Coupon Inserts Preview for the full list of coupons!


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