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The reason why I save so much money at the store is simple. I have a system! I am no different from you. I was not raised using coupons. I have to admit up until 3 months ago I never used coupons. Renae and I figured out a system that is easy and it works. It is not rocket science. The binder is easy to use and that is why I use it. I do not have time to waste nor do I want to miss out on a good deal. I am able to buy what I need and get the best price because my coupons are in order and right in front of my face.

Ou current contest- ( I SUGGEST you enter) If you follow my post you could save close to $400.00 using the $20.00’s in coupons… well what if you only saved $100.00? It is still $100.00 bucks! CLICK HERE

Here is a comment from one of our readers

As for something I’ve learned from your website… it’s that I need to organize my coupons better. I was up against one of your binder girls at the clearance rack at CVS the other day, where there was discounted toothpaste. Luckily, I thought I remembered having a coupon, so I picked one up BEFORE going to look for it… she walked over after me, and had flipped to her coupon before I could get halfway through my stack and grabbed up the two that were left.

Are you a binder user??? Well you could be!! I know having mine enabled me to pick up several products at Harris Teeters that weren’t on the list! So far in the 3 months since I started this I have saved over $3500.00 you read right between CVS, Harris Teeter, Kroger, Walgreens, Target, and Rite Aid so is $40.00 for a workshop and a coupon system expensive?  I think not having one is more expensive! See above post in blue…that is why the system was created in fact Renae and I were shopping and she said oh I need a coupon for dressing and before she could sort through her pile I handed her a coupon.. thus another converted coupon  binder user!

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