Straw Hat Decoration for St. Patrick’s Day

Bring some Irish to your front door with this Straw Hat Decoration .

straw hat decoration

Everyone will be all smiles when they see your door decorated with this Cute Straw Hat Decoration for St. Patrick’s Day. The best part is all items can be purchased at the dollar store and assembled in less than 15 minutes. It is so much better than window clings also because it is simple to store and reuse for next year.

Straw Hat Decoration Supplies List:

9 inch straw hat

St. Patrick’s Day Headband

Pipe Cleaner

Googly Eyes

Black Permanent Marker

Hot Glue Gun or Tacky Glue  (Tacky Glue works best with kids but does take longer to dry. If you are using hot glue make sure to have something to press the objects down onto the hot glue or you will burn your fingers.)

19 inches of Ribbon for bow(width is your choice)

2- 8 inch pieces of ribbon for bow.

Green or White Pom Poms (amount is up to you)

Wire, bread ties or Pipe Cleaner (to create hanger for the back)

Straw Hat Decoration Directions:

  • Run wire thru the back of the hat. If you are using pipe cleaners you will need to glue them to back of hat.

Tip: If you you have a peep hole make sure you do it so you can still see out .

  • Next glue the 2 – 8 inch ribbon pieces onto the bottom of the hat and trim ends at an angle.
  • Fold the 18 inch piece of ribbon in half and using a pipe cleaner (or wire) wrap it around the middle to secure. Glue on top of ribbon pieces.
  • Glue on eyes  at top of dome of hat.
  • Draw on eye lashes with magic marker. (you can also cut black pipe cleaner into small pieces and glue on)
  • Glue on pom-pom(s) for nose
  • Take a small piece of pipe cleaner and make a smile glue under nose.
  • Cut off ends of the  head band to fit over top of hat and glue onto flat edge of hat above dome.

Hang up your Straw Hat Decoration for St. Patrick’s Day and Enjoy!!!

Special Thanks to Judy H. for contributing.

Check out our St Patricks Day page for recipes, crafts and deals!

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  1. Tina says

    This is so adorable and very cheap and easy to make. Which by the way are my two favorite things Cheap and easy. Thanks so much for posting this and I am going to get my son to help me make one of these. I figured we can do this together. Thanks again.

  2. Angela Hartness says

    I really like this cute Irish Straw Hat Decoration. This would be a wonderful idea to make a bunny face out of the hat after St. Patricks Day to decorate for Easter.

  3. Nicole Carter Weasley says

  4. Robin Wilson says

    This is way too cute and so easy! I think I could adjust this so that it was something my niece could actually wear!


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