Food Lion Coupon Policy

Below you will find the current Food Lion coupon policy. Make sure to check out the current Food Lion deals too!

The Food Lion Coupon Acceptance Policy can now be found online. Food Lion does have store coupons that you are able to print online. There are some discrepancies on whether you can stack a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon- some stores allow it and others do not.

Basic Facts:

  • Food Lion will take coupons for free items. However, they will not accept an internet printable coupon for a free item.
  • A buy one get one free internet printable coupon is accepted.
  • Food Lion does not double coupons.
  • Food Lion does not accept competitors coupons.
  • Limit of 10 like items and coupons per customer.
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  1. Charis Williams says

    When I went to the new Food Lion in Newark, Delaware today I found out they don’t double coupons! I was very suprised since all the other grocery stores in town DO double coupons. When I asked the bagger “why” he said “it’s store policy”. You would think that since their local competitors like Acme, Pathmark, Superfresh, and Shoprite have a better arragement Food Lion would change their policy.
    When the store opened up about 2 weeks ago the place was packed. Today, there was hardly anyone in the store. Now I see why. I guess I won’t be shopping there unless I’m really desparate for something.

    • Madame Deals says

      Our food lion doesn’t double coupon either but if you look at our store match ups there are deals to be found.I love Delaware I used to live in Wilmington.

  2. Adriana says

    It’s a little strange that many places do not accept printed out coupons from the internet since it’s getting more and more popular.

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