Stockpile Organization

Stockpile Organization

stockpile organization


Due to my recent shopping adventures to Harris Teeter, my pantry was in need of  stockpile organization. One of the secrets to saving money, is to stockpile. This means to buy extra items your family uses regularly when the items are at their rock bottom price. We all know that Harris Teeter triples or Kmart super doubles allows for a plethora of stockpiling opportunities! I would like to share some tips to make stockpiling easier and more efficient.

Stockpile organization

First of all, only stockpile items your family uses regularly. Just because an item is “cheap” or on sale, does not mean you need to buy several of them. This is a lesson I have had to learn the hard way. I can tell you first hand that I have had to throw out a lot of expired food over the years. Over buying, is not saving money.

There is also a cycle to sales. For example, I know that Proctor & Gamble puts out a coupon insert once a month. Usually the stores will have some sort of sale that coincides with the coupons. If I miss a sale item this week, I don’t stress because I know the sale will come around again in a few more weeks.

Now, my family eats a ton of granola bars. My husband loves them and eats them daily. They are also handy to take in the car or throw in the diaper bag. Granola bars are one item we stockpile when the price is right. My suggestion is to take the granola bars out of the boxes and put them in a plastic container. This will save space and make it easy to grab and run! This same idea can be done for any snack prepackaged items.

Another item we stockpile is condiments. Those who know my husband, know that he loves condiments and sauces! We go through a ton of ketchup and salad dressing, or “dippers” as my household calls it! My suggestion for keeping these items organized is to place them in a small basket. It is easy to pull the basket out to see what you have. You can also write expiration dates on the cap top with a sharpie.

A trick I learned from my brother-in-law, is to write with a sharpie the expiration date on the outside of boxes. Many times a box will get pushed to the back of the pantry. If you have the dates readily visible, you will make sure to use the product before it expires. I also make sure to check expiration dates before I buy the product at the store. You would be surprised how many times I have picked up an item that is expired or about to expire.

For bath and body products, I have limited myself to a six month supply. What Amee and I have started doing is, giving away a lot of these products. With the drug store deals, we get a ton of bath and body products for free. We now donate most of these items or give them away to you all! There is only so much free toothpaste and razors that you can use! We encourage you all to donate your items if your stockpile limitations are reached.

See more of our stockpile organization  and clever storage solutions.

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  1. Jo says

    I would like to encourage readers to think twice before they buy all of the clearance items that would become free with coupons in a particular store. There are other shoppers and households in the area that really need these items at a good price and it’s very frustrating to miss out on the deals because someone else has grabbed them all up and is going to donate them. I didn’t have my coupons with me at CVS last week and noticed that they had about 5 or so razors marked down to $2.29. The razors had a 4 pack of cartridges attached. I came back that night with coupons and they were all gone. I am sure one person grabbed them all and I would hope that they would use them or leave some for others to purchase too. Just a thought.

    • madamedeals says

      I understand your frustration and Amee and I are not encouraging people to do that. The items we get for free and donate, are usually the ones we get for free after extra care bucks. We are never suggest shelf clearning or being greedy. The razors you saw, have actually been on clearance for several weeks now. They started out with a big basket of them. Last week a new $3 coupon came out and that is probably why they were gone so quickly.

      It always seems to happen though, every time I do not bring my coupons, there is a fantastic deal! That is why I now carry my coupon binder instead of a purse! Good luck Jo and let us know if we can help in any way!


  1. […] – Renae mentioned on Sunday how permanent markers help her for marking expiration dates on boxes of food. Another great way for putting markers to use (and in this case I use a silver one) is to mark what AC adapter/ charger plugs go to what devices. This is actually something that I learned from my husband and since we have been using this tip, it has saved us a lot of time, effort, frustration and money. When you get a new electronic device, immediately mark with a silver marker (since most of these types of things are black, the silver shows up very well) what device it goes to. That way when you have a lot of chargers plugged into an electrical socket or power strip like we do (we love our gadgets!) you will be able to easily find the right one when it comes to charging the devices. […]

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