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Prepare the perfect stay at home Valentine’s Date, learn how to give each other a romantic back rub.

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cheap date idea

I often wonder what keeps a relationship alive other than love. The answer is making time for one another. I know time gets away from us and our lives are fill of all the things on our to do list but really we need to step back and clear a night to make time for the person that you promised to love forever. I have several posts on cheap date ideas.  This is a sampling of ideas to try at home. I take every Friday night and my husband and I go to the gym to swim together. It is a nice way to work out and hang out and guess what? The gym has free childcare.


  • Cook dinner together- A fun date night that will fill up your belly and your “love tank”
  • Go outside and star gaze- How romantic is that!? Grab a blanket, a star map, and your hunny for a great date night!
  • Build a bon fire and roast marshmallows- Keep each other warm with a fire and love
  • Have a carpet picnic- Skip the bugs and set up an indoor picnic!
  • Have an in home spa- take turns giving each other massages ;)
  • Throw an indoor beach party- grab some beach chairs and a good book and have an indoor beach day!
  • Plant something in the garden together- Flowers or veggies, have some fun in the dirt with your love!
  • Play a game of basketball- Winner has to buy dinner? 
  • Take a bubble bath- Light some candles and get a little bubbly with your spouse.
  • Play a board game- Let your competive side out with a fierce game of monopoly 


  • Play a card game- Some poker might be fun!
  • Make cookies- Don’t forget to add some sprinkles!
  • Look at your wedding album and see if you can name everyone- Gottta love a trip down memory lane! 
  • Pull out your yearbook and talk about the good old days- another great way to reminisce on fun days past.
  • Go on a bike ride- Have fun and get active, together!
  • Take a walk holding hands- A stroll in a local park would be a great date!
  • Sit on the front porch- People watch or just enjoy each others company!
  • Do a craft together- A great date around the holidays!
  • Wash the car together- Get some work done in a fun way!
  • Make ice cream sundaes for one another- A yummy treat for both of you!

stay at home dates

These are some Cheap Date Ideas

valentine cards for adults

Make your stay at home dates more special with these Free Printable Valentine Cards

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