Stay At Home Dates

cheap date idea

I often wonder what keeps a relationship alive other than love. The answer is making time for one another. I know time gets away from us and our lives are fill of all the things on our to do list but really we need to step back and clear a night to make time for the person that you promised to love forever. I have several posts on cheap date ideas.  This is a sampling of ideas to try at home. I take every Friday night and my husband and I go to the gym to swim together. It is a nice way to work out and hang out and guess what? The gym has free childcare.


Cook dinner together
Go outside and star gaze
Build a bon fire and roast marshmallows
Have a carpet picnic
Have an in home spa
Throw an indoor beach party
Plant something in the garden together
Play a game of basketball
Take a bubble bath
Play a board game


Play a card game
Make cookies
Look at your wedding album and see if you can name everyone
Pull out your yearbook and talk about the good old days
Go on a bike ride
Take a walk holding hands
Sit on the front porch
Do a craft together
Wash the car together
Make ice cream sundaes for one another

These are some Cheap Date Ideas





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