Stay Healthy by using your Natural Defenses

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We all know that being healthy is important. I know my life is so busy that being sick just doesn’t fit into my schedule. There is a new immune supplement Alomune, clinically shown to help arm your natural defenses and help you stay healthy. Backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, it’s only available at Alomune

 It is on sale right now and you  can get a 30-day supply for just $4.95 shipping. There isn’t an obligation. If   find that Alomune isn’t right for you then you can return it. They offer a money back guarantee.

Clinical research shows that larch arabinogalactan, the main ingredient in Alomune, helps reduce colds by 25%. In one clinical study, 57% more stayed healthy from colds taking larch arabinogalactan vs. placebo (sugar pill). I would suggest watching the commercial to see if this resolution is right for you.


I was amazed to learn that the natural cold-care market is a $2 billion industry in the U.S. The big products in these categories contain  vitamin C, Echinacea, vitamin D, and probiotics. However, these products have been shown to have very little effect in preventing colds in the general population. The results from the clinical trial on larch arabinogalactan in preventing colds are about twice as good as the results from the best clinical trial on vitamin C. I had no idea and I have tried several of them.

I would suggest anytime you place something your body that you do your research there are some articles below that I encourage you to read.

For more information please reference:………


I suggest the best offenses to viruses this year is having a good defense I suggest Alomune for fighting them all off. It is important to be proactive instead of reactive.



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  1. Antoinette Barnes-Jones says

    I take a multi-viatmin everyday and an extra boost of folic acid …………… keep me healthy during the flu season:)

  2. Samantha D. says

    I have not heard of this before. I’ve been meaning to find a multi vitamin that doesnt have iron in it. Would probably help my body some. Been trying to get over this cold I’ve had for 2 weeks. Ugh, never fails when your around a toddler all day especially in winter wehen all the windows are closed up and we’re not outside as much

  3. Cassandra Huber says

    I tend to get sick a lot, so this may be something I’ll have to try. I did hear that vitamin C is crock, and that is why I don’t use it much anymore when sick.

  4. Holly Trudeau says

    Could use this right now, fighting a cold! I do like it that it containsa safe and natural extract such as ResistA, I don’t like putting any potential toxins in my body, will have to give this a go!

  5. Tina says

    I have not heard of this product. I take a few medications so I will have to ask my doctor about it first. Thanks for the information.

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