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This week on Making Dollars Out of Change, I want to talk about making a vegetable garden. With all of the snow on the ground here in Central Virginia, I know it is hard to imagine a garden! However, it is time to start planning for spring.

Planting a vegetable garden is one way to save money on produce. There will be an initial setup and planting fee. Having homegrown and organic produce is well worth it though! In the end, you will save money by relying on your garden for your summer produce; especially if you normally buy organic. The nice thing about a garden is that it can be as big or small as you wish. Over the last few years our garden has gotten bigger and bigger. I love that my kids can head out to the garden for a snack.

Mason eating a tomato at 11 months old.

The first part of a garden is preparing your beds. There are several ways to do this. If you have limited space, try a planting in pots on your deck. If you have more space, Rene over at Budget Saving Mom has several videos on building your own raised beds. I think we will be going back to a raised bed garden this year. We tried planting directly in the ground last year with poor results.

If you are going to plant your garden from seed, now is the time to order your seeds. The seeds will need to germinate and grow inside for several weeks before they can be planted in April or May (planting time in Virginia). Vegetables that can tolerate cold like lettuce and sweat peas can be planted in April. For the other vegetables, I would wait until May if you are a local.

No store bought produce can beat the taste of  homegrown vegetables and fruit! Your garden does not have to be fancy to be fruitful. Start thinking about your design and what you want to plant now.

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  1. We’re doing the gardening thing (very small) this year for my oldest. She helped to plant and weed, and now we’re even harvesting a little swiss chard. We’ve all really enjoyed it!