St Patricks Day Craft: Leprechaun Trap!

Have you ever wanted to catch a tricky little Leprechaun? Learn how to make a leprechaun trap and some tips and tricks!

Holidays in our house are a huge deal. We do something for pretty much every Holiday, my parents did it for me, so I try to make sure I do that for my little girl.

So, for St Patricks Day every year me and my little one make Leprechaun Traps! This is a fun St Patricks Day Craft for you and your kids to do together. We treat it kind of like the Easter Bunny, we usually leave a small shoe or coat behind to make it look like she almost caught a Leprechaun, and he was impressed so he leaves her little presents!

St Patricks Day

This is our Leprechaun Trap for this year! It was super easy and fun to make.

Here is what you will need for this St Patricks Day Craft: Leprechaun Trap:

  • A box (any kind will work)
  • construction paper
  • something shiny! (Leprechauns love shiny stuff!)
  • markers
  • Decorations for your box
  • scissors and glue
Step 1: Cut a hole in the top of the box (this is where the Leprechaun will get trapped! and cover the rest of the box with green construction paper.
Step 2: Add Directions to your box and cover the hole with a “rug”. Add a Pot of gold (We used yellow construction paper cut out like gold coins) so when your Leprechaun will fall in the hole when he goes for the gold! Make sure you add a rainbow to your trap so the Leprechaun knows where to look for the gold!
St Patricks Day
Step 3: Don’t forget to add a ladder so the Leprechaun can get to the gold. Set it out the night before St Patricks Day and good luck!
Here are some Fun Facts about Leprechauns:
  • Leprechauns are Nocturnal, that’s why they are hard to catch!
  • Leprechauns love Rainbows, 4 leaf clovers, and of course Lucky Charms!
  • Leprechauns are despised in Ireland. In America, they are cute mischievous green elves, but to the Irish, they are nasty little creatures that wreak havoc!
  • There is nothing a leprechaun cannot fix! Have you ever had something start working again after it had been broke for awhile? You might just have a leprechaun friend!
Have you ever made a Leprechaun Trap for a St Patricks Day Craft?

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  1. Jenette Gardner says

    this is awesome. i am going to share this with my daughter so her and my granddaughter can have another craft to do. 😀

  2. Charlotte Raynor says

    That is such a cute idea! I never heard of a leprechaun trap before. I wished I’d have thought of something like that when my son was little. You are so creative. Thanks for the great idea!! 🙂

  3. Gina Brickell says

    What a fun idea for the kids!! My son loves to do crafts and stuff and he would love doing this!

  4. Sharon Siqueiros says

    This is such a clever idea!! I’m going to the dollar store this afternoon and get some things, might as well get the stuff to make one of these with the boys across the street that I look after. Thanks!!

  5. Lesley M. says

    OMG I love this. I could see using this in a middle level classroom and having them write about how they made their trap, or why they are trying to catch the leprechaun in the first place. Thank you so much for the great idea!

  6. Rebecca Peters says

    My daughter made a leprechaun trap last year in school.. she absolutely loved it and still talks about it to this day

  7. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I love finding craft ideas using things I already have around the house. I’m going to try this with my step daughter tonight, I think we will have a blast making it together. I had no idea Leprechauns were disliked in Ireland – that will be my learned fun fact to the day!

  8. meme says

    I truly love this idea and my kids will have so much fun making this. My 6 year old is so excited about St. Patrick’s Day and what the Leprechaun will do this year. Thank you for posting this. This is really great .


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