Spring into Savings: Free Yourself from Cable and Satellite

Free Yourself from Cable and save big!

free yourself from cable

Spring is approaching faster than I would like but it is not the weather I dread but the Spring Cleaning. I always make my list of things I need to do and it seems to be Fall before I get them all done. This year I have decided to take a different approach to Spring Cleaning and will not be focusing on my house but my checkbook.

I am very detailed when it comes to our monthly financials. I know when everything is due, how much is due, what check it comes out of and how much is budgeted for that expense. Most people would say I am good to go BUT there is a lot of fat I could trim. The one area I am always drawn to is our ATT Uverse Bill. We have had cable and satellite over the years and to be honest for 5 TVs, Internet, and Home Phone ATT Uverse has been our cheapest option. They actually lowered my bill in the fall because I asked.

I just hate paying for something that is not a necessity. I think if most people were to be honest with themselves they would admit that cable is not a necessity. We have been lured into thinking that it is. I grew up most of my childhood without a TV in the house and survived. I actually developed a great love of books that a lot of kids my age did not have. I am not suggesting you give up TV all together but instead follow my tips to Free Yourself from Cable. In the end you will have extra money in your pocket and be able to tell others how you were able to Free Yourself from Cable.

Why to Free Yourself From Cable:

  • You will find more hours in your day because you won’t be tied to your television.
  • You will have more time to spend with your family.
  • You will lose weight because you won’t be mindlessly eating in front of the TV. You will be up and moving instead.
  • You will Save over $1,000 a year. That is enough to take a family vacation or pay off some debt without cutting back in other areas.

Even if the first 3 reasons aren’t important to you the fact that you can save over $1,000 should make you stop and consider if you should Free Yourself from Cable and Satellite.

How to Free Yourself from Cable (with minimum suffering)

  • Explore the options available before you cancel. **I will list the current options below**
    • Warning: Don’t go Cold Turkey because you will end up going back.
  • Realize that there is life after TV. I have 90 shows on my DVR right now that I haven’t watched. Obviously it is not life or death to watch them or they wouldn’t be sitting there waiting.
  • Decide on the option(s) you are going to go with.
  • Sit your family down and explain to them that you going on a mission as a family. Your family mission is going to be to Free Yourself From Cable. Promise a surprise for the family member who doesn’t complain or make a goal for what you are going to do with the money you save. Kids and husbands are motivated by money.
  • Take action on the option you selected. Have it in place and all the kinks worked out.
  • Cancel your cable and/or satellite.
  • Enjoy knowing that you were able to Free Yourself from Cable and Satellite.

Options when you Free Yourself from Cable

  1. Netflix  Streaming and DVD Rental Service – starts at $7.99 month.
  2. Redbox Instant Streaming (enjoy 4 free DVD rentals a month and unlimited movie streaming for only $8) (FREE TRIAL)
  3. Amazon Prime Membership – allows you to watch hundreds of TV Shows and Movies for Free. (Annual Membership is only $79 and you can get a 1 month Free Trial)
  4. Hulu-a free service online but not all shows are current episodes and you have to watch commercials
  5. Hulu Plus -offers current TV shows for $7.99 a month but you still have to watch commercials ( Free Trial)
  6. Blockbuster DVD Rental – plans starting at $4.99 (1/2 price for the 1st 2 months)
  7. TV Network Websites-stream your favorite shows right from the networks website.(you may have to wait a week or two but you will be able to watch them for free.)

Alternatives when you Free Yourself from Cable

Attach your Gaming System to your TV and the Internet

This will allow you to do any of the above options on your TV when you Free Yourself from Cable.

Gaming Systems with this capability include: Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and XBox 360.

Purchase a Roku HD Box.

Roku HD streams 600+ channels to any TV easily and wirelessly, all at an amazing price. Features 720p HD video quality and one-stop search.

Get an antenna and a digital converter box to hook up to your TV for local channels.


***Before you switch be sure to make sure you have an adequate internet speed and that there is no monthly limit on how much data you can use.  Most home internet companies do not limit the data usage.***

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  1. Tina says

    I am currently considering dropping cable. I would use $1000 as a down payment for a new truck for my husband or I would use it to go visit my mom

  2. karla says

    Wow! I would love to save over $1000 and then use it to get out of debt elsewhere! What a vicious cycle!

  3. Heidi S says

    I’ve cut my cable down to just the basic & I still pay $110 for cable & internet…CRAZY!!!

    I would be able to save the $1000 and use it on auto & home repairs that will be needing to be done soon.

  4. Charlotte Raynor says

    I dropped cable TV over a year ago and am so grateful I did. Somehow, I must spend that extra $1,000 a month somewhere else. I sure don’t see it anywhere. lol

  5. Caren Sue Evans says

    I just ordered some parts to get our Wii gaming system going again so I could start a trial of NetFlix to see if we can survive without cable!! Thanks for the encouragement!!

  6. Katelyn McKim says

    We still have dish (we are completely and hopelessly addicted) but its only because of where we live. A Nd wi a converter box we only get 2 channels -_- Hughes net sucks out here and no other provider is out here so sigh….we must live with dish for now and it’s only for ufc lol. If I had an extra 1000$ a year it would go to food we can never have enough of it lol or sewing supplies 🙂

  7. Brandy Lasyone says

    If I had a 1000 dollars, I would pay off my credit card bill. This is last one I have to pay off and owe just under 800.

  8. Sandy McFadden says

    I would use it to get my things back from my ex who is charging me to store my things after living with him for three years.

  9. Dawn Sterner says

    This is a good idea but my husband wouldn’t go for it! My daughter & her fiance actually got rid of cable & just watch shows & movies on NetFlix or Hulu Plus, they like it. I would spend $1000 on a great family vacation!

  10. Chevy Reid Roper says

    I am getting so tired of paying so much every month for our satellite. We have the bundle package with our tv, phone, and internet and the price is unreal. Every time we turn around the price is going up and channels are slowly disappearing. We will definitely be looking into some of these options. Thank you for sharing!

  11. says

    We’ve debated this time and time again. Fortunately, the bundle is cheaper than individual services. Once the contract is up however, we will reconsider. I wish we could pick and choose channels! We love History, Discovery, TLC and USA….which all require extended cable.

    Awesome tips, I’ll keep them in mind come July!

  12. Tracy Hasting says

    I bought the new rabbit tv and I have not watched cable since. It has all the free stations and I can watch old classics right from the internet. You can connect to your tv, so you can still use your pc. Need HDMI cord. Make sure your tv has HDMI. If not, check the rabbit tv website for more options.

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